How to Stop Your Basement from Flooding

Spring thaw, rainstorms, and sewer backups can lead to basement flooding problems for homeowners in Toronto. If you’re a homeowner in the city, you’ll need to make basement flooding prevention a top priority. After all, who wants to spend thousands of dollars – or possibly tens of thousands of dollars – to fix damages caused Read more

Prevent Basement Flooding in Toronto

If you’re a Toronto homeowner who dreads a  basement flooding scenario, it pays to know why basements flood and what the main causes of flooding are. As for why basements flood, there are different reasons. Most flooding situations are the result of fast snowmelts during the spring or heavy downpours of rain. Remember that basements Read more

How to Install a Sprinkler System in Toronto

An underground sprinkler system delivers water to your lawn automatically; the right amount at the right time. It will therefore save you a lot of water and keep your lawn looking great with minimal effort. Recently, the automated systems have been getting smarter. Some systems are even capable of assessing a number of variables like Read more

The best ways to unclog a drain

Clogged pipes are an unpleasant problem. They can be caused by a build-up of grease, hair, food and other things that shouldn’t be there. Mother Nature can be to blame as well, when tree roots get into drain lines. When your water starts draining slowly, or you’re faced with a clogged bathtub, there are a Read more

Why Install a Backflow Valve?

Heavy spring time rain can overwhelm drainage systems and cause floods. Sewage can back up into basements, causing excessive property damage. It’s important to take steps to prevent this as soon as you can with the help of tools like the backflow valve. A good-quality backwater valve will last for several years without problems, especially Read more

Spring Plumbing Tips to Protect your Home Against Plumbing Problems

Plumbing is vulnerable to wear and tear like all manmade installations. No matter what kind of pipes or fixtures you use, you will be forced to repair or replace them eventually. The best way to avoid big problems and extend the lifespan of your plumbing is to carry out preventative maintenance. Here are some spring Read more

Fixing Leaky Basements in Toronto – Top Simple Solutions

Leaky basements are not only annoying but can also be a health hazard.  Having a leaky basement in Toronto is quite common, especially in winter with all the ice and snow melt.  You want to dry up your basement, so you can make good use of the space but to also avoid getting mold and Read more

What Is Trenchless Drain Repair In Simple Words

People hear that trenchless drain repair can be a tremendous benefit for their plumbing issue – but the concept of trenchless drain repair remains difficult for people to grasp. That is why we are going to go through the concept of trenchless drain repair in a few simple steps. We are moving away from invasive Read more

Drain and Plumbing issues in Greater Toronto Area

One of the most common reasons that homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area call for drain and plumbing services is basement flooding.  What are the common causes of basement flooding and why do we believe that prevention is one of the most important drain and plumbing services that you can invest in for your  home? Read more

Four Ways to Keep Your Drain Clog Free

The occurrence of a faulty plumbing system especially when it concerns non-flowing channels and pipes can be unexpected and perhaps outright annoying. Worse still, leaving such neglected for a longer duration can result in more substantial damages which could be quite costly. It has become a norm to neglect our drains until it becomes a Read more

Basement Drain Cleaning

Basement Drain Cleaning in Toronto Most buildings have a drain located on the floor of the basement. The importance of this drain especially in a location susceptible to flooding cannot be overemphasized. It eliminates all forms of stagnant water. Now, in a situation when this drain becomes blocked, the stagnant water it discharges begins to Read more

Backwater Valve Installation – How to Choose the Right Plumber for the Job

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate! Backwater Valve Installation – How to Choose the Right Plumber for the Job If your home is prone to basement floods and sewage backups, you need to install a backwater valve. These small devices only allow water to flow in one direction so Read more