Plumbing Worker Newmarket

Plumbing Rates and Services in Newmarket

How Affordable Are the Plumbing Services in Newmarket Ontario? Many people looking to hire a local plumber in Newmarket usually start from searching for the current rates. But plenty of factors come into play before determining the precise plumber Newmarket charges. These include the type of tasks, materials, new installations, or minor repair work. If Read more

Plumbing System Worker Toronto

How Plumbing Works in a Condominium and Your Condo Unit

If we quizzed you right now about your condo plumbing, how much could you tell us? Most condo dwellers—and condo corporation employees—know very little about how the condo plumbing system works within the building or how the system gets shared between units. It’s not until a water line bursts and floods a unit or a Read more


How to Stop Your Basement from Flooding

Spring thaw, rainstorms, and sewer backups can lead to basement flooding problems for homeowners in Toronto. If you’re a homeowner in the city, you’ll need to make basement flooding prevention a top priority. After all, who wants to spend thousands of dollars – or possibly tens of thousands of dollars – to fix damages caused Read more

drain camera inspection in Toronto

Drain Line Inspection – What Is It and Do You Need It

What Is Sewer Scope Inspection? A drain line inspection, also called sewer line video inspection, is what the name implies; It is an inspection conducted inside your sewage system. First, a professional plumber attaches a camera to a durable and flexible waterproof device connected to a cable (sometimes called a snake). Then, the plumber directs Read more

Tub and shower faucet installation project

Drain and plumbing service provided in: Toronto Work completed: bathroom renovation See Our Other Plumbing Projects We treat your home the way we expect workers to treat our homes.  That means coordinating with you from the moment you call for a quote all the way through the final work we perform.  Our team will cover and Read more

Prevent Basement Flooding in Toronto

If you’re a Toronto homeowner who dreads a  basement flooding scenario, it pays to know why basements flood and what the main causes of flooding are. As for why basements flood, there are different reasons. Most flooding situations are the result of fast snowmelts during the spring or heavy downpours of rain. Remember that basements Read more

Top Tips on How to Choose Plumbing Services in Toronto

It’s easy to take the pipes and drains hidden behind your walls, beneath your floors, and under your lawn, for granted. If you face distressing problems like leaking faucets, clogged drains, or broken pipes, however, here are some tips about how to hire a Toronto plumber. Licensing: Hire a Toronto Plumber Who is Licensed Licensed Read more

How to Install a Sprinkler System in Toronto

An underground sprinkler system delivers water to your lawn automatically; the right amount at the right time. It will therefore save you a lot of water and keep your lawn looking great with minimal effort. Recently, the automated systems have been getting smarter. Some systems are even capable of assessing a number of variables like Read more

4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Licensed Plumber in Toronto

We all take it for granted that everything in our homes works as it should; toilets are expected to flush, the shower works and sinks always drain – until they don’t. While you could easily fix the simple plumbing issues that tend to crop up over time, that may not always be the norm. Even Read more

How to Replace a Dishwasher Drain Hose in Toronto

The drain hose is what carries the dirty water off your dishwasher, and it’s often the main culprit when you’re in need of dishwasher repairs. That’s because the drain hose is vulnerable and easily damaged which usually leads to a mess on your kitchen floor when it leaks. So if you find yourself in such Read more

Five ways to unclog a toilet drain

If there’s any bathroom repair you want to get done ASAP when it happens, it’s fixing a clogged toilet. Here are five ways you can get back to flushing freely and avoid an overflowing toilet. 1. Start by stopping the flow of water Don’t flush the clogged toilet a second time. Depress the flapper (it Read more

How to Fix up your Kitchen Plumbing

Kitchen renovations are one of the top home improvement projects for increasing the value of your home. And plumbing system problems have big potential to reduce your home’s value. So when it’s time to renovate your kitchen, including the kitchen plumbing in your plans should be a no-brainer decision. Kitchen renovation plumbing tips for homeowners Read more