A drain can start clogging for a variety of reasons. Perhaps a section of the pipe collapsed. Residents in older Toronto neighborhoods deal with tree roots clogging drains and breaking pipes. Drainage issues may vary, but the solution is typically the same: a quality drain line cleaning service.

Here is the photo of a drain line cleaning process:

Drain line cleaning

What Are The Signs Your Drain Needs Cleaning?

Is your tub draining more slowly than usual? Does your sink frequently clog, even if you only run the water for a few seconds? These are just a couple of signs that your drain line needs cleaning. The good news is there are preventive measures to keep your drains from becoming completely clogged. We at Dr. Pipe recommend getting your drain pipes cleaned regularly.

You don’t want to hold off on taking care of your drainage issue once you know there’s a problem. Doing so can only make it worse, and more costly to fix in the long-run.

Drain Cleaning Cost?

Toronto-area residents can expect to spend between $120 and $140 for drain cleaning services. Prices can vary depending on the type of drainage problem. For instance, it usually costs more to unclog a laundry room drain than a sink. It’s important to note that some plumbers do charge by the hour. Dr. Pipe’s professional drain services start at just $80.

Why “DIY” Isn’t The Best Approach

When searching the Internet for the cheapest options to unclog a drain, you’ll often get told the do-it-yourself approach is best. What these articles likely won’t’ tell you is that the risk of a DIY job. Imagine trying to save a $100, only to end up having to spend $1,000 to fix an issue you caused! Here are common misconceptions about DIY “hacks.”

“DIY” Drain Cleaner

One of the most widely touted fixes online for clogged drains is combining vinegar and hot water. In reality, this method hardly works. Unfortunately, the damage caused by this “free” solution can cost a small fortune to repair. Vinegar is very damaging to your pipes. It can be especially disastrous if it mixes with the chemicals already in your drainage system. The more affordable will always be getting a professional to clean your pipes.

Don’t Do Your Own Drain Snaking!

Thinking about doing your own drain snaking approach? Please reconsider. Should you snake the drain(s) yourself, you could severely damage your pipes. It’s best to leave this type of work to someone who works with drain snaking equipment daily, knows how to control it, and won’t cause damage to your pipes.

No Chemicals

 Using a chemical solution to deal with clogged drains might seem like a quick fix, but it’s rarely an effective one. Pouring chemicals down a pipe that’s not clogged entirely will likely not yield any results. At best, this approach will solve the problem for about a day or two. Chemical solutions will not fix the underlying problem.

A “DIY” approach can’t replace quality drain line cleaning. If you’re in the Toronto area, call Dr. Pipe. We’re licensed, and we’ll use the camera first to avoid damage to your pipes. Whether you need us to unclog your drain or remove tree roots from your pipe, we can get it done! Services start at only $80.

You can see the drain before and after. We provide such digital videos to all our customers. See a drain snaking in one of Toronto’s homes: