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Cast iron pipe descaling Toronto

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Sewer lines and sewer pipes made of cast iron can be found in many GTA homes over 40 years old. When you need to know more about cast iron pipe descaling, trust us as at Dr. Pipe your expert cast iron pipe descaler in Toronto and the GTA!

Cast iron pipes were considered the best material during this period, and the good news is that cast iron sewer systems can last up to 100 years with proper maintenance and professional drain cleaning services.

If you own a business or a building with residential tenants in Toronto and the GTA, and your property has cast iron pipes, this information will be very useful for you, too.

Why a Cast Iron Pipe Descaler Is so Important

Cast iron drain pipes are durable but can become significantly clogged with debris, sediments, or grease. When a drain isn’t clean, bad smells, poor water pressure, or even sewer backups are trouble signs that can turn into more serious damage.

What Works for Descaling Cast Iron

You may hear cast iron pipe cleaning referred to as the descaling process, and a professional cleaning service knows the best and safest drain cleaners to use on cast iron. Some homeowners rely on chemicals to fix clogging drains, but chemical cleaners are often too harsh and can actually weaken cast iron over time. When this happens, you’ll need the pipes repaired or even replaced before their lifespan is up. 

Pipe Descaling Explained

Cast iron pipe descaling is done by plumbing professionals who safely remove clogs and other debris from cast iron pipes before serious drain pipe repair is required. When you trust a professional for pipe descaling on your cast iron pipes, you can maintain excellent water flow and a fully functioning sewer system for a lot longer. 

How Does the Descaling Process Work?

  • As your cast iron pipe descaler in Toronto and the GTA, our licensed plumbers from Dr. Pipe use modern soft-bristle abrasive brushes to safely remove build-up caused by debris clogging up inside the sewer walls.
  • Our equipment includes rotating tools attached to long cables that can reach the entire length of your cast iron pipes. This soft-bristle descaling process is efficient and much less expensive than drain repair or replacement.
  • After we descale your cast iron pipes, the often large amount of debris we remove can clear the inside pipe walls back to their fully functioning diameter. 
  • For newer cast iron systems, we sometimes follow this up with hydro-jetting to ensure that all debris is flushed out.
  • Descaling and drain cleaning can also prepare a system for drain repair, including epoxy relining. Removing clogs and debris from existing pipes is the best way to maximize your cleaning service and maintain cast iron pipes with pipe relining.

Our Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Descaling Is the Safest Technique

Any professional cleaning service should explain their descaling process to you for peace of mind.

Our licensed Toronto plumbers and professional equipment always ensure the safest cast iron pipe cleaning service possible, and we have years of experience in drain cleaning services on cast iron plumbing systems over 50 years old.

The safest descaling process we can recommend for older cast iron pipes is pipe descaling using a professional, soft-bristle abrasive brush. This brush uses a lower water pressure of 35 to 45 psi to scrape away clogs and debris gently. 

As a comparison, hydro-jetting requires 350 to 4,000 psi of water pressure and is best for newer pipes and drains. Our plumbing experts always advise you on the most suitable way to clean your cast iron pipes based on their health and stability. 

Professional Pipe Descaling Has Many Benefits

Casr iron pipe descaler Toronto

We understand you want to keep your cast iron pipes durable and functioning in great condition for as long as possible!

That’s why we always recommend a professional descaling process and never use harsh chemical cleaners. Here are the benefits:

Less Expensive Than Drain Repair or Replacement

Cast iron pipe descaling is an affordable way to maintain your drain pipes for a longer-lasting sewer system. It’s more affordable than just pipe relining to repair damaged cast iron pipes and far less expensive than a total replacement when the system is beyond repair.

Why The Descaling Process Is The Safest Method

Older cast iron pipe systems can be cleaned more safely with soft-bristle descaling than high-pressure drain snaking or hydro-jetting, which might damage older pipes and worsen the situation.

Descaling Cast Iron Sewer Pipes Can Prolong Their Life

Properly maintained cast iron pipes and sewer systems often last longer, and the pipe descaling process is efficient on most plumbing systems including older cast iron pipes.

Water Flow Is Improved in Your Cast Iron Sewer Drainage

Descaling cast iron pipes and drains can effectively improve the water flow in your entire sewer system.

Over many years of constant use, your cast iron drain system handles a lot of wastewater, and some of the nasty debris and filth often get “stuck” inside the cast iron pipes and drains. 

When you begin to notice a decrease in water flow, it’s often a sign that your cast iron pipes could use a good descaling.

Descaling Cast Iron Pipes Is Also Recommended for Commerical Properties 

Our happy customers include homeowners and business or property owners in Toronto and the GTA. 

We always recommend cast iron pipe descaling in Toronto as the best way to remove filth and maintain your sewer system.

Suppose you own an office building or multi-residential property. It’s essential to maintain your cast iron pipes to maintain the durability of your sewer system and lessen the chance of expensive damages and disruption for employees or tenants.

Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Is Your Cast Iron Pipe Descaler in Toronto

Maintaining the health and durability of your cast iron pipes should never be a hassle!

We offer affordable and efficient cast iron pipe descaling, as well as other professional plumbing, cleaning and repairing services, including the removal of tree roots or other obstructions that can cause expensive damage to your entire sewer system.

Whenever you notice a bad sewer smell or a slow-moving drain in your cast iron plumbing system, call your GTA plumbing professionals. We detect the issues and fix plumbing problems quickly and affordably before it becomes a major headache.

Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing serves Toronto, Aurora, King, Markham, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Toronto Downtown, East Gwilimbury, Toronto East York, Vaughan, Missisauga.

The friendly and experienced team at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing is here to answer your questions and service, repair, or replace any plumbing issue you have.

Our valued customers include many homeowners and business owners around you, so contact us today at 416 663 4777 and let Dr. Pipe become your trusted plumber!

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!