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Why Do Pipes Smell Bad?


A foul odour coming up through your pipes can have a number of causes;

  • Low Water Levels and Dry Traps: Every plumbing fixture in your home has something called a trap attached to it that holds water in a curved section of pipe. If that water level dips too low and exposes the open pipe, gas from the sewer will come back up. It’s important to make sure you’re running water down every drain at least once every 3 weeks to prevent this.
  • Blocked Vents: The gases from your sewer line usually vent through pipes that rise up through the roof. If those vents get blocked due to damage or even animals, the gas may back up into your home.
  • Damaged Sewer Line: If something has happened down the line to clog or damage the sewer line, you’ll likely notice the smell coming from more than one drain.
  • Leaky Pipes or Seals: A damaged or broken pipe in your toilet, or a damaged wax seal that surrounds the base may cause leaking waste water which can cause that bad smell

Why DIY Inspection of Your Sewer Can Be Dangerous

‘Though it may not seem like it at first, inspecting and repairing a damaged sewer drain can be dangerous. Work like this should always be done while wearing a respirator as sewer gases like hydrogen sulphide are toxic and can burn your eyes and lungs. Also, due to the methane gas, they’re flammable and potentially explosive.  A single spark in a high concentration of methane can be deadly. Proper ventilation and breathing equipment are crucial. The best and safest option is to leave this job to a trained and well-equipped professional.

Calling a Plumber Saves Your Time and Money

A skilled and trained plumber will be able to assess your situation quickly and determine the best and most efficient course of action. While the DIY approach may be good for some tasks, playing with the safety of your home and family is just not worth it when the situation could be more serious than you at first realize. Calling in a member of our team to do a thorough and safe inspection will ensure the problem doesn’t get worse.

What Can You Expect When You Choose Us For Your Repair

Our team of qualified and licensed plumbers will get your leaks detected and repaired quickly and professionally. You can expect every aspect of our work to be done right including;

  • Over 20 years of experience to help you plan your work effectively and avoid any mistakes in your line.
  • A thorough camera inspection of your drains and pipes that you can see (and keep) when we’re done.
  • Honest and fair pricing up front.
  • A team of fully bonded and insured professionals.
  • The best tools and equipment for the job.
  • Trade license verified and fully up to date certification.
  • A clean house after our work is finished.

We treat your home the way we expect workers to treat our homes.  That means coordinating with you from the moment you call for a quote all the way through the final work we perform.  Our team will cover and clean everything in their work area so you don’t have the added stress of a mess to tidy up, and we’ll finish as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our work speaks for itself. Check out the testimonials from past customers we’ve worked with and then call us for a no-obligation quote.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!