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Drain line repair is time-consuming, expensive, and cumbersome, especially if it’s not handled by experienced professionals. Credible plumbers have a set procedure in place and will determine the best solution for your drainage problems. We at Dr. Pipe will be glad to explain what’s wrong with the line and recommend repairs that will fit your budget and circumstances.

How Do You Know If You Need Your Sewer Drain Repaired or Replaced?


If you’re having issues with the drains in your home but aren’t sure if you need your sewer drain replaced, there are some signs to look out for that our trained professionals can detect with a free inspection, such as:

  • Blockages:  Grease or foreign objects can build up in your pipes and block water flow
  • Corrosion: Older pipes can deteriorate and break down over time
  • Bellied Pipe: Improperly installed or planned lines may “belly’ which means they have sunk too low to function properly
  • Leaking Joints: The seal between your pipes may have degraded and started to leak
  • Root Infiltration: Tree and shrub roots may have broken into the lines
  • Off-grade Pipe: Your existing pipe could have deteriorated

We can diagnose any of these issues and offer solutions to get your drains working properly.

If you see any of the following tell-tale issues of sewer line damage on your property, contact us at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing and we will be glad to help you:

Draining problems: Are more than one drain clogged in your home? If so, you have plumbing problems and need a professional plumber. The problem likely stems from a main sewage line blockage. If the blockage is serious, you might hear weird gurgling noises from the toilets.

Flooded and offensive smells front or backyard: When it comes to the worst plumbing problems, homeowners fear broken sewer pipes. There’s a good possibility that’s what you’re facing if you’re lawn is flooded.

Water damage: Most of your residence’s sewer line is under your yard. A portion of it is, however, situated under your house. So, a broken sewer pipe can cause water damage if a drain line in your home is damaged. One of the initial indications of such a problem is mold on the walls and floors. Call Dr. Pipe as licensed plumber whether you need main drain repair or something else.

Steps of Drain Replacement Project

A full-scale drain replacement project requires careful planning and execution so here’s what you can expect from your plumber during the project:

1. Preliminary Drain Inspection

We at Dr. Pipe won’t recommend drain replacement unless we’re absolutely certain your system needs it. First we will carry out a preliminary drain inspection where we’ll check the drainage in all important drains in your home and test the bathtubs, kitchen sinks, toilets, and other such installations to determine the source of the problem. If some drains work and others don’t, it’s very likely that the problem is in the internal systems rather than the main sewer.

2. Video Inspection

If the plumber determines the problem is in the main sewer line, it is needed to isolate the exact location of the clog. We at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing use sewer video cameras for this purpose. The camera will transmit a live feed to a display above ground so the plumbers can assess it and determine the source of the problem and the general condition of the pipeline.

3. Drain Replacement

Once the location of the problem is determined, we can begin the repair work.

What Are the Drain Replacement Methods?

You have a few options for replacing your drains in Toronto and our free inspection will help determine which of these is best for your situation.

Traditional Drain Repair

This involves digging a trench to access the drain pipes. This may require using a backhoe to dig out and then refill the area when repairs are complete. The main advantage to this method is it allows us to see first hand the issue and make repairs.

Trenchless Drain Repair

This is much less disruptive to your property and requires us to dig a hole at either end of the damaged pipe, rather than exposing its entire length with a trench. Even though we could discuss the entire process in almost unlimited detail, it is simply the most cost-effective and fastest way to repair a damaged drain.

Not only that, but you also have the least amount of disruption with a trenchless repair. When it comes to repairing or replacing dilapidated infrastructure assets, it has become the preferred method. Usually there are used two ways of trenchless repairs:

  • Pipe Bursting: Pipe bursting allows us to guide new pipe through the old, damaged pipe, bursting the old pipe out of the way as it is replaced with the new drain system. This is effective on many kinds of pipe including PVC, iron, clay, terracotta, and concrete.
  • Pipe Relining: Little digging is required for this method that creates a “pipe within a pipe.” Pipe lining method can repair holes, seal cracks, and even repair pipes damaged by roots and rust.

Trenchless Drain Repair vs Traditional

There are benefits to trenchless drain repair for Toronto homeowners like;

  • Quality: Trenchless repair uses seamless pipes that are joint free so you’re less likely to have problems in the future than if you use traditional pipes. The pipes are made from a material called HDPE which is extremely resilient and will likely last for decades to come.
  • Function: The seamless pipes used in trenchless repair require less maintenance than traditional pipes and may also lead to improved flow capacity.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Replacing Sewer Lines

Sewer line replacement is not a minor process. So, prior to kicking off a project, it’s vital to look into the benefits and drawbacks to make an intelligent decision. Consider the following points before deciding whether or not to proceed:


Replacing old or broken sewer lines can substantially enhance the efficiency of your home’s plumbing system by doing the following:

  • Boost functionality: Replacing old pipes with new pipes can afford enhanced flow capacity, slash risks of clogs, and improve drainage performance.
  • Lower maintenance requirements: New sewer lines usually require less maintenance than older sewer lines. Replacing old pipes can increase reliability and lower the requirement for frequent maintenance and repairs.
  • Boost property value: Homebuyers place a higher premium on residences with new or newer sewer lines.


You must consider the possible drawbacks of sewer line replacement, including the sewer replacement cost, before deciding whether to pursue the project.

  • Substantial cost: Replacing sewer line from house to main can cost a small fortune. Materials, permits, labor, and additional work all factor into the overall expense.
  • Time-consuming: Sewer line replacements can take a long time if speak about traditional repairs. Trenchless repairs are much faster, but there are situations in which trenchless methods are impossible. Anyway depending on what the replacement entails and any unexpected issues that materialize, the project could drag on and interrupt your daily routine.
  • Unforeseen problems: When considering a replacement project or main drain repair, you must be ready for unforeseen problems. Issues can include hidden pipe problems, infrastructure issues, access difficulties, or the need for further repairs. 

Drain Repair Toronto? Factors That Impact Sewer Line Replacement or Repair Cost

Line Length

One factor in sewer line replacement cost or sewer line repair cost is the length of the sewer line. A licensed plumber will consider the length to determine the following:

  • How far the line should be dug;
  • How much pipe to use;
  • How much fill material like gravel and sand to use; and 
  • How big of a crew is needed.


Obstructions in a yard can include paver or brick patios, trees, concrete slabs, playsets, and fences.

The Extent of Issues

A small, localized sewer line repair will cost considerably less than an issue than replacing sewer line from house to main. If tree roots have contacted the sewer line, that issue can be dealt with by snaking out the line. If your yard must be excavated to perform a sewer pipe replacement that has run its course, the costs can add up.

Cleaning and Restoring

Sewer line ruptures and sewer line backups can result in a minor biohazard in your residence or yard. While the plumbing company will clean only enough sewer to access and address the problem, the homeowner must tackle anything beyond that.

The Sewer Line Replacement Cost Can Vary

The price tag for a sewer line replacement will depend on factors such as the technique used, pipe length, and how easy or difficult access and excavation are. 

Shallow pipes requiring little digging and pipes not underneath hardscaping or close to utilities might be less expensive to replace a pipe with the traditional methods.

For lengthy, deep pipes needing extensive excavation, the trenchless method might be less expensive and less complicated in terms of convenience and disruption. 

The cost is as much as $250 per linear foot. And total replacement using both methods can cost from a few thousand dollars to north of $25,000. Whether replacing sewer line from house to main or requiring some other procedure, a licensed plumber can help. Drain repair in Toronto is best left to the professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I tell if my sewer line should be replaced?

Replacing your home’s sewer line should usually be a last resort after exhausting other possibilities. A professional plumber will dry options like pipe bursting, pipe lining, hydro jetting, or drain lining.

If seeking drain repair in Toronto, a professional plumber may also employ methods like snaking out roots, spin cast line coating, or clog clearing. Licensed plumbers can use a special video to inspect the sewer line. Sewer line replacement may be required.

How long can I expect sewer lines to last?

Under normal circumstances, a clay sewer line can last anywhere from 50 to 60 years, a cast-iron line can last anywhere from 75 to 100 years, and an ABS or PVC line can last as long as 100 years.

Should a belly in a sewer line be replaced?

A sewer line belly typically happens when a section of the sewer line sags. This low section of the line retains water. Because the sewer line lacks a consistent downhill slope, the water pools. The internal diameter of the line decreases and lessens the water flow.

The only way to fix a belly in a sewer line is to remove the old pipe, fix the groundwater around or under the pipe, and then install a new pipe.

How can a sewer pipe under a house be fixed?

Breaking into concrete to get to the sewer pipe is one method. But two other options include pipe lining or trenchless pipe bursting.

On the one hand, pipe lining is a process where a liner is placed into the pipe and inflated. This makes a new, stronger pipe inside the old one. On the other hand, the pipe bursting method is a process where a cone-tipped high-density polyethylene pipe is pulled through the old, damaged pipe. This process simultaneously pushes away the old pipe and lays a new pipe.

DIY vs. Licensed Plumber Sewer Line Repair

If you think fixing a damaged sewer line is as simple as using a toilet plunger to clear the blockage, think again. Leave sewer system work to a professional plumbing company for these reasons.

  1. If you were to try a DIY sewer line repair, you would first have to troubleshoot effectively to determine the issue. You’ll need one of the tools of the plumbing trade, namely a sewer camera that can be inserted in the sewer line to investigate the situation. After using sewer line video cameras to assess the damaged pipe, you’ll require excavation equipment that will cost a lot and force you to destroy your landscape. Trenchless repair equipment is not available to the general public. Only trained professionals can access that particular equipment. The sewer replacement cost will increase if not done right.
  2. Professional plumbers have the skills, training, and expertise to tackle main drain repair. With years of technical training, they leverage their experience to troubleshoot, diagnose, and correct sewer line problems. 
  3. Many licensed plumbing service providers offer guarantees or warranties on their work. Completing a complex sewer line repair without the right skill set can increase the sewer replacement cost.

What Can You Expect Choosing Us for the Repairs?

Our team of qualified and licensed plumbers will get your sewer line repair and replacement done quickly and professionally. You can expect every aspect of your installation to be done right including;

  • A thorough video inspection of your current drain system
  • Cleaning your home and yard after we’ve finished our work so that everything is just as we found it
  • Coming prepared with superior tools and equipment
  • We’re fully bonded and insured
  • Our trade license is verified and maintained so you can be sure we are up to date with our certification

Why Choose Dr. Pipe for Sewer Drain Replacement?

We treat your home the way we expect workers to treat our homes.  That means coordinating with you from the moment you call for a quote all the way through the final work we perform.  Our team will cover and clean everything in their work area so you don’t have the added stress of a mess to tidy up and we’ll finish as quickly and efficiently as possible. We can also help with insurance and obtaining any permits or the potentially valuable, cost-reducing City of Toronto rebates you may qualify for when you hire a licensed and insured company like Dr. Pipe to do any drain work that may be necessary for your repairs.

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