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There is a reason that people consider Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services to be perhaps the best possible plumbing company in Toronto. Our skilled workers are always up for a challenge, and one of the largest recent challenges was relining the drainpipe in the largest shopping mall in Toronto – the Yorkdale Shopping Centre.

With more than 250 stores, most people know Yorkdale as the massive shopping center located on the interchange of the Allen Road expressway and Ontario Highway 401, but we know it as the site as one of our latest projects

Relining the Drain Pipe Step by Step:

When we got the job at the Yorkdale Shopping Centre, we knew it would be a challenge, but one that we would be able to complete. Instead of digging up and replacing the old drain lines, relining would provide the shopping mall with a brand-new way to repair their broken or non-functioning drain lines without having to destroy or dig up the floor.

Step 1. Careful Measurement.

As with anything, we are proud of quality work. The first step is to measure everythingg, use the calibration tube to measure exactly where we will be lining the pipes. Even though the preparation takes a little longer, we want to be sure that we are diligent.


Step 2. Reinforcing Liner. 

After preparing the line, we can now use the PVC reinforcing liner to reline the pipes. This is going to help us minimize the overall damage to the floor throughout the shopping mall while still newly lining the pipes.


Step 3. Inversion Head. 

Our team is diligently working to ensure that the entire process is lined up correctly. Each of our crew members is a certified drain liner specialist that not only understands the technology behind the work, but has also performed this type of job several times before.Our crew prepares the inversion head for the reinforcing PVC liner. Because of the pressure behind the process, it allows the pipe lining to follow all of the contours of the original pipe while adhering to the pipe walls.

Step 4. Inversion Machine. 

This inversion machine is going to deliver the reinforced PVC liner, after our crew makes sure that it is perfectly situated, it isready to use its force to drive to line the pipes. This means that we are able to reline the pipes in a trenchless fashion.

drain works

Step 5. Preparing the liner 

Two technicians prepare the liner, even though they are getting close to the end of the project they still know that they have to pay special attention to make sure everything is aligned properly.

Finally, we have the end result, the old cast iron pipe has now been reinforced with PVC reinforced liner. This means that any issues underground are resolved without having to destroy the floor. This means considerably less mess and less time needed – especially for such a high-traffic area as the Yorkdale Shopping Centre, we knew we needed to get the job done with the minimum amount of fuss.

The next time that you have a pipe or plumbing emergency, keep in mind that if we were able to help the Yorkdale Shopping Centre with their complex tasks, your home or place of business would be no issue either.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!