High-Quality Shower Installation in Toronto With Affordable, Professional Installation

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Dr. Pipe is an expert in the installation process, so the perfect shower installation is possible that you’ll enjoy for many years!

Shower installation Toronto

Our licensed plumbing professionals have great experience in bathroom renovations (including showers) and a wide range of quality materials. They thoroughly know building codes and use the most modern equipment. 

The Installation Process Is Worry-Free, And Our Bathroom Renovations Are Reliable

A shower installation service in Toronto must be efficient, and your bathroom renovation must be reliable. Life gets hectic in the city, but you can trust that our professional installation is done with great care using the highest quality materials at an affordable price.

Dr. Pipe is proud of the installation process we have developed. We offer an outstanding warranty on all labour for 5 to 25 years, depending on the project and the installation process. That’s right! We guarantee any major or minor problems, so you never need to worry about the “what ifs.”

When you make the right decision to choose Dr. Pipe for your bathroom renovations, you get more than just the “perfect shower.” Your high-quality bathroom will last for decades, and we aim for the installation process to be problem-free.

Does A Plumber Really Do Shower Installations In Toronto?

Dr. Pipe offers professional plumbing jobs and always recommends that a licensed plumber completes the installation process.

We work hard to be the best in the business, including the “perfect shower” that stays leak-proof without those unattractive, telltale signs of caulking or visible gaskets.

Our professional installations range from installing high-quality, affordable shower fixtures to shower doors, shower enclosures, walk-in showers, and completing a new shower rough-in or any other plumbing work for your home or property.

A Shower Installation In Toronto Should Never Be DIY

Dr. Pipe has assisted many homeowners and property owners who have tried DIY shower installations with disastrous results. 

Bathroom renovations and specifically, shower installations, consist of a few crucial steps to complete in this order:

  1. The first step is correctly identifying your sewer system and the type of boiler you require to select the perfect shower for your home. 
  2. The second part of the installation process involves completing the pipework to align with the shower’s position. 
  3. For electric showers, the third step is the proper placement of cables.
  4. Finally, you must ensure that the shower tray is fitted securely and inspected before use so you don’t experience a sudden leak now or in the future.

Call us first to avoid the hassle of finding out too late that you should have chosen a professional installation!

Dr. Pipe Loves to Assist You With Bathroom Renovations 

You might picture the perfect shower, but in our experience, choosing the right one for you and your family can still be a challenge.

When you contact Dr. Pipe, we also love to assist you with choosing fixtures for bathroom renovations before our professional installation gets the job done right.

How Much Does A Shower Installation Cost In Toronto?

The fastest, easiest way to know what any bathroom renovation will cost is just a phone call away.

Call Dr. Pipe today to discuss the factors that will go into your bathroom renovation, including having our true professionals install the perfect shower.

Can A Shower Area Be Made Larger During The Installation Process?

Dr. Pipe’s professional installation services include a rough-in to make your shower room larger and more user-friendly.

Why Should You Choose Dr. Pipe For Shower Installations In Toronto?

We are experts in all bathroom renovations, and our high-quality installation process is second to none. Our certified plumbers can be available at the best time for you. 

Here’s what makes our professional installation number one:

  • We offer professional plumbing installation near you
  • Dr. Pipe’s plumbers are skilled and competent
  • Our pricing is fair and affordable
  • If you require repairs, we can complete these projects at your convenience
  • Dr. Pipe can fix any plumbing issue, especially the complex ones.

We must remind you that Dr. Pipe offers a free, no-obligation estimate, so give us a call at 416 663 4777. Dr. Pipe’s professional installation is avilable in Toronto and the GTA  from Aurora to Newmarket, Richmond Hill to Vaughan, King City, Markham to Scarborough, East Gwillimbury, North Yoark, East York, Toronto Downtown and Mississauga, and you can always trust us to be on time and provide you with the GTA’s best plumbing service.

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