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Frozen drain pipes are a serious concern that should be addressed promptly. Water in these pipes will expand in harsh temperatures and cause pipe bursts, which can lead to expensive repairs. Frozen pipes can cause a number of problems like stalled drainage, inconsistent water flow, sewer backup, etc. While frozen and clogged drains are a sign of poor insulation and need professional repairs, you can unclog them without assistance. Here are some tips that can help:Frozen Plumbing System

  1. Boil water

Boil a generous amount of water and add a cup full of salt to it. Salt is great at breaking down the ice, especially when it’s combined with very hot water. Make sure salt is completely dissolved before you use it.

  1. Baking soda

While the water is boiling, put around ½ a cup of baking powder in the drain. Make sure it gets into the drain instead of sitting on top of it. The soda should reach frozen clogs inside the pipes to be effective.

  1. Vinegar

Pour one cup of vinegar down the pipe immediately after putting baking soda. Vinegar reacts with soda, causing it to sizzle and bubble. This solution will agitate frost build up and slowly start to clear your frozen shower drain. This combination will also remove stubborn debris like dirt, lingering clumps of soap, etc.

  1. Pour boiling water

Slowly pour boiling water down the drain. This will melt frost and allow the soda/vinegar concoction to penetrate deeper into to pipes. Make sure you have enough boiling water to maintain the flow for some time. Don’t dump all of the water into your frozen drain at once as that will be ineffective.

  1. Run hot water

Run hot water from your shower or bathtub pipe steadily for at least five minutes to ensure all frost is cleared.  This is also a good way to check if all clogs are removed and water is draining freely. If you have a movable showerhead, place it directly over the drain for best results.

If you’re experiencing problems with frozen shower drains in Toronto, don’t hesitate to give us Dr.Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services a call. We have a team of well-trained plumbers and are a licensed company. All our services are covered by insurance and have comprehensive warranties. With us, you get reliable services at a competitive cost as we beat any reasonable quote by 10%, providing the best plumbing rates in Toronto.

To book your Trenchless Pipe Repair call: 416-663-4777

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