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Winter is almost over and spring is around the corner so it’s time to start thinking about spring maintenance. You need to examine your plumbing system to determine just how much damage harsh winter temperatures have caused. Here are some seasonal plumbing tips for spring that can help repair and restore your plumbing system:

Spring Plumbing Checking1. Spring Plumbing Tips In bathrooms and kitchens

  • Leaks can go unnoticed during the winter so it’s important to check for them during spring. Look for any wet patches, water damage, or drips in your plumbing system.
  • Fix any dripping faucets to prevent water wastage.
  • Check your toilets for leaks by dropping a few drops of food coloring in the tank. If the toilet is leaking, the coloring will appear in the toilet bowl in 30 minutes.
  • Check if your toilets flush properly. If you need to keep the handle down for a full flush or shake it to stop the flow of water, there’s something wrong with the tank.
  • Pour around 3 liters of water into unused drains to ensure drain trap is filled and odors can’t escape.

2. Spring Plumbing Tips Outdoors

  • Springtime rain can cause problems if the outdoor drains aren’t in good condition. Check for clogged gutters or downspouts and make sure the roof drainage system is properly aligned.
  • Inspect your sump pump by pouring water into the sump pit. If the pump doesn’t turn on and discharge water, it needs repairs.
  • Check plumbing vent pipes of pest infestations.
  • Make sure outdoor plumbing like faucets and irrigation system aren’t damaged.

3. Appliance

  • Remove sediment and debris from water heater tank by flushing it. This will improve performance and extend its lifespan. This should be a part of your annual spring plumbing maintenance
  • Check washing machine, dishwasher, and dryer supply hoses for signs of damage. If the hose is bulging or cracked, it needs to be replaced promptly. Using damaged hoses can shorten the lifespan of your appliances and can be risky.

It’s also a good idea to hire a professional for thorough inspection of your plumbing system. If you encounter unexpected problems or need professional help, don’t hesitate to contact us at Dr. Pipe. We have a certified team of plumbers who can handle all kinds of plumbing services in Toronto. As a licensed and insured company, we focus on high quality of service with durable results at a reasonable cost.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!