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Summer rains are a major cause of overflowing sewers. Installing a backwater valve is the easiest way of preventing such overflows and to do this effectively, primitive backwater valves have been bid farewell. This is mainly because such valves need to be installed in all branches in the house. This is not only cumbersome but a costly affair too. For this reason, the mainline backwater valve has taken its place. It requires simple and hassle-free installation.

Only a licensed plumber should be approached for installing a mainline backwater valve. Also, make it sure that you have severed all weeping tile connections from the main lines. This ensures that there will not be any backflow into the foundation.

Mainline Full Open Port Backwater Valve Advantages

The advantages offered by a mainline full open port backwater valve are:

  • Only one valve is required for the entire premises.
  • Since it needs to be installed only in one place, it is easily accessible.
  • Maintenance can be done very easily and is not costly.
  • This kind of valve is normally of “open kind”. This means that the sewerage always has a clear path for flowing through.
  • On addition of more pipes, the valve protects them from backflow too.

It is because of these reasons that the mainline full open port backwater valve is the only valve permitted by the City of Toronto. As is evident, it is far better in performance and maintenance than a normal backwater valve. It is for your own convenience that you install the mainline backwater valve instead of a typical one.

For installing such a valve, you need to obtain a permit. This permit is required to ensure that all guidelines are followed during installation. Only a licensed plumber should be preferred for installing it because you not only get professional services but also value for money. An inspection by city officials is necessary after the completion of installation. In fact, the new bylaws have made it mandatory for all the new houses to install such valves at the time of construction itself and get it inspected by the authorities.

It is also necessary that you hire a plumber licensed by the city’s Corporation only. These plumbers are well trained and have complete knowledge about such installations. Uncertified plumbers generally use low quality material and charge higher. They also do not inform you about the necessary permits to be obtained. This is why it becomes even more important to get services only from a licensed and professional plumber who will not rip you off.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!