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How to Choose the Right Backwater Valve?

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Backwater valve is a very important plumbing component, which is used mostly in houses and buildings that are below the alleviation of manhole. In most of the modern houses, the design and structure of plumbing system is usually advanced enough that backwater value is not required at all. However, in buildings that were constructed a long time ago necessarily require backwater valve. It works by ensuring that if there is some sort of blockage, the water does not go back to the building. Although most of the plumbing companies consider backwater valve optional, it is a good idea to get one installed in your home rather than waking up in the morning and seeing your entire washroom filled with sewage water.

Backwater Valve Options

There are three main options about backwater valve; each option has its own usage and the right choice depends on your own requirements and needs.

  1. Check Valve: These are the least expensive type of backwater valves; they are made up of a flap that closes and opens on its own when the sewage water tries to return to your house or building. Since they are automatic, you are not required to pay a lot of attention to the sewage systems. However, they require comparatively high maintenance and there are chances that if the blockage is too big, they might fail altogether, destroying your plumbing system.
  2. Gate Valve: Gate valves have the option of both manual as well as automatic command, so in case the blockage is large, you can manually adjust the settings of your backwater value. These valves are a little expensive as compared to the regular check valves but they require very little maintenance at the same time. You also have the option of reopening the valve on your own once the blockage is cleared.
  3. Combination Valve: The combination values are comparatively more expensive than the all the other types. However, they have the least possible chances of malfunctioning; in fact, they are the most efficient of backwater valves. They have an air filter that senses the blockage and automatically shuts down the main sewage line ensuring that the line is not opened until the blockage is completely cleared.

No matter what backwater valve you choose, it will help in ensuring a safe flow of sewage from your home. In normal circumstances, the valve will not go on but when there is a blockage, the value will ensure that no water goes back into the house. The only problem is that you will not be able to use your toilets, sink etc. after the value goes on. You may call Dr.Pipe plumbing company to make the necessary adjustments to make the toilets usage again. However, the advantages of backwater valves are far greater than this one drawback. They prevent unsanitary conditions in your house and ensure that the sewage water passes smoothly out of the building.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!