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What is a Check Valve?

A Check Valve is a very important part of your house’s plumbing because when the pump pushes the water out of pit and through the discharge pipe, the valve is the object that keeps the water from coming back into the discharge pipe and pit. If the water is allowed to flow back in this manner, your water motor pump will actually be pumping the same water over and over again leading to the motor being overworked. Without the check valve, about one half gallon of water would flow back into the pit in each cycle.

Other Roles of the Check Valve

Another small but important benefit of having a check valve is that it will not allow insects rodents and other critters to crawl through the external discharge pipe and eventually to the pump itself.  So do not be fooled by the size of the valve; it may look small and insignificant but it not only protects the function of the pump but it will also extend the life of the pump beyond its normal life.

Features of a Check Valve

Design: Knowing the design features of check valve can be quite helpful so always read the labels before buying the valve. The spring gate check valve is designed to produce very little turbulence in the water when closing and so its hydrodynamic design reduces the resistance in the water and minimizes the hammering noise. On the other hand, the flapper valve is pretty loud because of its hinge movement when it is closing. However, if the flapper design is built with an additional air chamber then the noise reduction can be from thirty-five to fifty percent.  This can be extremely useful when your house has basement rooms because that it where the noise will be the loudest. Additionally, the check valve with the full flow design allows more water to pass through than valves with partial flow designs. Prefer the full flow design as partial water flow can slow down the removal of water from the pit.

Materials:  A check valve made of PVC is stronger than that made of ABS and the ideal situation is when a PVC check valve is used with a PVC pipe. Don’t use a PVC valve with an ABS pipe because that arrangement will not be as strong. Also, remember that natural rubber does not have much strength and durability so always buy a flapper made of neoprene rather than that made of natural rubber or even bunan.

Installation: Using rubber connectors to connect the check valve to the discharge pipe and using clamps tightened by screwdrivers is a much easier method of installation compared to gluing the PVC discharge pipe inside the check valve connection.

Before going out to buy the check valve for your pumping system, always be aware of the different features and functions of the valve and which design would serve your purpose in the most efficient way.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!