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Top 5 Landscape Architecture Projects

Sometimes you come across an architecture project that looks so spectacular that you have to share it with everyone you know. There are so many different interesting and inspiring landscape designs that we wanted to share five of our absolute favorite ones. While you will probably never undergo a project on this scale or magnitude, what you see here might inspire you to design your own architectural landscape project.

Gardens by the Bay – Singapore

This sprawling garden is located in the city and spans over 101 hectares of reclaimed land. There are breathtaking waterfront views across three different gardens, each of them spectacular to look at. The two main areas here include the Bay East Gardena and Bay South Garden.

The larger of the two is Bay South Garden, it bears a striking resemblance to Singapore’s national flower – the orchid. One of the most impressive sights here includes the supertree, which is a tree-shaped vertical garden that is anywhere between 9 and 16 stories tall.

Meanwhile, the Bay East Garden has tropical palm trees and lush lawns, the perfect picnic setting. You can enjoy a picturesque view of the city skyline from the waterfront promenade.

Highline Park – New York

If you need proof that a little inventive attitude is able to transform just about anything, the High Line should be able to give you just that. Located on Manhattan’s West Side, this elevated freight rail line was once abandoned, but has now been transformed into a free, public park. The repurposing started in 2006. The first phase of the project was available to the public in 2009, while the second phase opened in 2011. Just recently, the third and final phase of the project opened. There are approximately five million people who check out the High Line every year.

Ceramic Museum and Mosaic Park – Jinzhou, China

The city of Jinzhou continues to grow, what is now a city of three million inhabitants continues to thrive. The area reclaimed from the sea that houses the Ceramic Museum and Mosaic Park has become the central park of a new urban development.

Casanova+Hernandez Architects, a Dutch company, came up with this particular design. The concept of the project took current areas of globalization, the city’s cultural past, and the hybridization of nature and came up with the beautiful structures that we see today.

Magic Floating Fountains – various

Even though it looks like magic, this is actually a clever illusion. The faucet mysteriously hovers above a basin or pool, with an endless supply of water that comes out of nowhere. Despite having no visible support, the faucet remains surprisingly steady. The effect is because of the transparent tube that is right in the middle of the water column. This not only keeps the flow of water coming, but also holds the tap in place. You can find this clever project in a number of countries throughout the world, including Spain, Belgium, Switzerland the US, and Canada.

The garden of cosmic speculation

Designed by prominent landscape architect Charles Jencks, this garden is located in the grounds of Portrack House in South West Scotland. The garden is inspired by mathematic formulae, science, and the universe, and comes with themes such as DNA, comets, and black holes. This is a very impressive tribute to the universe around us. If you are interested in viewing it though, you are going to have to wait, because the garden is only open to the public one day out of the year.

While these might have been spectacular examples, it should make it obvious that any landscape architecture project is only going to be great if you have a great contractor. If you want to have your own project completed without issue, you need a professional company. That is why many prefer to work with Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing if they have any plumbing work needs.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!