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DIY Plumbing vs Hiring a Plumber in Toronto

Not every plumbing job requires a phone call to a local plumber in Toronto, but this all depends on what the homeowner thinks he can manage versus what he can actually manage. Plumbing is more than just fixing a leaking pipe or changing a dented tube for a new one; it requires careful calculation of water pressures, understanding hydraulic layouts and having the necessary skills to use the best materials to get the job done. While just about any skilled plumber in Toronto can handle most if not all plumbing jobs, homeowners can save time and money if they learn the nooks of the trade.

How Do I Know If I Need a Professional Plumber?

How then can you identify a DIY plumbing job  compared to one that requires a real professional? The answer to this question is simple: any plumbing job that does NOT require the installation of special tubes, the use of certain types of tools, the breaking of walls or that will take less than a hour wont require a professional plumber in Toronto to handle it. Many would assume that with the right tools and using a little common sense that it will be easy to fix a leaking pipe or install certain facets throughout a house. However, this will depend on two factors: if the plumbing job in question is for a house that is being constructed or if it is for one that has already been constructed for some years.

– Two Factors Affecting The Choice

The two scenarios above may seem similar, but they are quite different. A house that is being constructed will have to obey the hydraulic layout that has been prepared by the contractor and that adheres to certain norms by relevant Canadian bodies. Many homeowners are not equipped to look at a plan and execute the whole plumbing job for a house. They may be able to act on one that has already been done by a plumber in Toronto, but starting from scratch requires more skills. For the second situation above, the homeowner will have to know the age of the installation in question to be able to make an accurate conclusion about what has to be done. Any hydraulic installation that is more than 30 years old, may require changing the whole tube system instead of patching different parts as defects appear.

– New Materials

There is also the question about new materials that are constantly being placed on the market. While  every plumber in Toronto should be abreast of new releases in the world of plumbing, such information may be readily available to just about every homeowner. The result of this is evident: new materials will require different skills and accessories to install that  are different from the traditional pieces in question. In-depth knowledge of the material being used is also necessary from a chemical stand point. Copper with aluminum for example will not guarantee a stable installation as time passes due to the ions that the copper releases that eventually deteriorate the aluminum pieces.

There are also certain skills that are developed over time after repeating certain plumbing jobs. A typical example of this would be knowing the angle in which to place a certain tube or if a 45 degree accessory should be used instead of a 90 degree one.

Problems That You Would Need Plumbing Services For:

  1. Replacing or repairing drains. This requires a certain skill and knowledge that the average homeowner does not possess. The replacing of a drain means ground work and sometimes call for special equipment.
  2. If for some reason the problem is in the mainline you will definitely need plumbing help as it takes a special piece of equipment to shut the water of from the source.
  3. You will need a plumber for any remodeling project that require pipes to be installed, replaced or repaired.
  4. Pressure balance issues are one reason to call for plumbing services. This would involve installing a new pressure valve.

The 5 Most Common Plumbing Mistakes

Plumbing problems are one of the most common problems that homeowners have to face. Irrespective of how minor/major your plumbing-associated problem is, you should never take it lightly. If the plumbing problem is severe, immediately contact a professional plumber. However, if the problem is not very serious, you can fix it yourself. Whether you’re fixing a leaking showerhead, repairing noisy water heater or installing new fixtures, you may commit certain plumbing mistakes that will come back to haunt you later.


1. Avoid joining mismatched pipes

This is one of the most common plumbing mistakes that most people make. When joining the pipes, you need to ensure that the diameter of the pipes joined is exactly the same. Some people attach a copper pipe to a galvanized pipe. This can lead to a messy situation, as the copper wire will corrode and this will lead to leakage in the near future. Lastly, don’t forget to use the plumber’s tape (Teflon tape) on threads. This will go a long way in ensuring that the pipes don’t start leaking over time.

2. Unvented traps

Vents and taps are two of the most misunderstood concepts in plumbing. The essential function of taps and vents is to maintain a sanitary barrier between the sewage system and living spaces. In absence of a trap to seal off plumbing fixtures, wastes, vermin and harmful gases, including explosive methane gas can enter the house.

3. Flat Venting

The different methods for venting a trap can be classified into two categories-dry and wet. A dry vent is a pipe that provides air to the system whereas a wet vent is an oversize drain pipe that also performs the function of a vent. Both dry and wet vents will create problems if they fill up. Water that washes into a dry vent ( that is improperly installed) can get trapped along with the waste particles and thus lead to blockage problems.

4. Fixing the plumbing problem in a hurry

Finding a quick fix to plumbing problems is one of the most common plumbing mistakes. Many people tend to overlook the plumbing problem initially but decide to find a temporary solution for it as soon as they come to know about guests visiting their house. In their hastiness, they tend to commit silly mistakes, such as forgetting to clean up flooding or shutting off the water. Hence, it’s recommended that you fix your plumbing problem with a cool and calm mind.

5. Buying low quality parts

Some people, in their bid to save money, use low quality parts, such as cheap brand faucets. The result is that the problem re-emerges after a few days and so, they again need to shell out money to fix it. Hence, it’s recommended that you choose only high quality parts of reputed brands. This will provide you with a long-term solution.

Now that you know about the top five plumbing mistakes, ensure to avoid them when fixing your plumbing problem. Remember, plumbing is unarguably one of the most important parts of home maintenance and so, you should get all your plumbing-related problems fixed immediately, without committing any plumbing mistakes.

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