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Problems With a Flow Control Valve

A control valve is a device that is capable of modulating water flow at various degrees. Flow control valves in a home regulate its water system. Flow control valves are durable and reliable but sometimes people in Toronto face problems with these valves from time to time.

The Reasons for a Flow Control Valve Problems

Some common problems that you may encounter with flow control valves in your home include uneven hot water distribution, slow running, leakage and hot water backflow. Sometimes, flow control valves become jammed due to various reasons. The problems with a flow control valve occur due to several reasons. You need a skilled plumber to identify and solve these problems efficiently.

You might have experienced the problem of uneven hot water distribution in your home. This problem usually occurs when a flow control valve is not installed properly. If you are facing a similar problem in your home, then you can repair or replace your old control valves.

Leaking Causes

Leaking is another problem associated with flow control valves. This problem mostly occurs if a washer fails. Another reason that allows water to leak out is loose packing of a valve. It will cause water to leak out around the nut. Sometimes control valves become so old and worn out that they freeze.

If you have not installed flow control valves in your home properly, you may face hot water backflow in your home water system. In order to ensure that water is going in the right direction, you need to install a valve on the other side of the circulator.

Jammed valves are one of the most common plumbing disasters in a home owner’s life. If the valve is jammed or broken, you must find a plumber immediately to fix it.  A plumber will either replace your old and worn out valve or repair it.

Water Pressure Decrease

Sometimes, homeowners in Toronto experience a decrease in water pressure. In most cases, your control valve is the cause of this problem. If you are facing a similar problem, it implies that you need to hire plumbing services as soon as possible. You must also check the pressure reducing valve to ensure that it is up and running. If you are experiencing a decrease in water pressure with only one faucet, it may be due to a clogged valve. In such cases, check that valve for dust, debris or other particles that are restricting its flow.

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