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If you have finished taking a shower only to find yourself standing in a mixture of dirty ankle deep water then you must have experienced the nightmare of clogged drain. What to do now? You can try fixing it yourself with toxic chemicals that might damage your drain even more or call plumber in Toronto.

There are many hidden drain problems that are the nightmares of some homeowners and the glory of some plumbers. Whatever the situation, having a clogged drain, a drain that is broken, or with roots in it can prove to be both costly and annoying over a period of time. Depending on the situation trying to unclog the drain yourself can prove to be futile and only with the professional help from a valued plumber will a solution be created. What are the most common drain problems known to Toronto plumbers?

Common Drain Problems

1. Corroded Cast Iron

Corrosion happens over time and while many may implement the necessary steps to avoid this, there are some situations in which it cannot be avoided. The water that is passing through the cast iron can either have certain chemicals that provoke the rate of corrosion of the cast iron or the material used to make the cast iron was of poor quality. When corrosion is present in the cast iron then only a plumber can fix this.

2. Tree Roots and Plants Blocking Drain

Roots and plants can become uncontrollable if you do not know what you are doing. Not only do roots basically ‘cut’ their own route and grow according to the best conditions they find underground, once they have found ”home sweet home” they basically increase in sizes and amount. This causes an excess build up of the roots in the drain system and the more they grow and expand the higher the risk of them breaking up the drain. The extent of the damage they cause  may not be seen at first sight and only getting a plumber to take a look will determine just how much they have compromised the plumbing system.

3. Broken Cast Iron

Cast iron is specially projected to resist certain forces and pressures; however, when these  exceed the projected amount then this can damage and compromise the integrity of the cast iron. If the cast iron was placed on a slope then this change in direction can have an influence on the force that is being applied to the cast iron. As such, underground tubes should be installed with the right slope calculation and not just haphazardly based on instincts. Earth movements are also other factors that cause cast iron to become broken. The technicality behind installing and fitting cast iron should not be undertaken by a homeowner, because this is something that only plumbers can do.

4. Clogged Bathroom Drains

From time to time bathroom drains become clogged due to hair, toothpaste covers, and many other objects that are easily inserted in them. Some of the blockage do not require the help of a plumber as certain solutions or even hot water are known to unclog this type of drain. However, there are cases in which a Toronto plumber will have to be called in to dismantle the whole system to see where the blockage is and remove it.

What Causes Pipeline Blockages And How to Solve Some of Them By Yourself?

The common problems are stinking drainage systems and blockages in the pipelines. Numerous reasons account for such problems. It may be simple hair or dirt blockage or your children may shove toys into the pipeline and block it. A blockage could even be created due to creeping tree roots of a far away tree. There are various homemade solutions used by Toronto homeowners to overcome this problem. Pour a mixture of 1/4 cup of baking soda, a 1/4 cup of vinegar and a kettle of boiling water down the drain. Next, block the opening of the drain with a stopper and let it stand for 15 minutes. These can solve your problem to an extent but it won’t be beneficial in the long run. The bottom line is without the proper examination by a professional plumber who usually will use a camera inspection you won’t know what exactly causes you drain to be blocked.

Taking resort to chemical treatments to amend such problems is hardly of any use. Studies reveal that chemicals basically do nothing other than leaving your toilet and tubs full of toxins. It is always better to sort out your drainage problems with the help of some useful septic items. One of them is a plunger. A water plunger is mainly used for producing suction in the pipelines. In case of a commode, the first thing that you need to do is to leave a couple of inches of water at the bottom. Then you can try using the water plunger to create suction in the pipeline with the help of the remaining water. The suction will hit the blockage right away and serve your purpose. There is another septic item called snake or an auger. These are long flexible steel coils used to dislodge stoppages in curved pipes. When you enter the snake into the curved pipe and turn it clockwise it hits the blockage and winds up the dirt. So now you know how to deal with such issues. Despite your efforts if you fail to solve the problem, get in touch with a local plumber service to help you out.

You can also opt to replace the entire sewer lines to avoid the problems of clearing the blockage in your sewer system. In that case it is advisable to ask for an approximate bid from the plumbing company. If your house is very old and needs a lot of repairing, it is better to go for the “worst case scenario” price. Use a professional plumbing company otherwise your small problem might turn into a full blown disaster.

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Here are some problems that we faced:.

Broken Old Clay Drain Pipe

  • Roots intrusion inside of the cast iron stack elbow
Roots intrusion inside of the Cast Iron Stack elbow

  • Broken underground cast iron drain pipe
Broken underground Cast Iron drain Pipe

  • Old clay weeping tiles blocked with roots
Old Clay Weeping tiles blocked with roots
  • Variety of roots that caused blockage of weeping tiles and old clay drain pipe
Variety of roots that cause of blockadge
  • Huge tree roots that blocked drain pipe
Huge tree roots that blocked drain pipe
  • Breasers of underground building traps on storm and sewer systems
Breasers of underground building traps on storm and sewer systems
  • Inside corrosion of cast iron pipe
Inside corrosion of Cast Iron pipe-
  • Crack on cast iron stack
Crack on Cast Iron stack
  • Part of the drain consists of old lead drain pipes inside this Toronto Home
  • Broken PVC clean out
  • Broken and Blocked PVC underground drain pipe
  • Back sloped drain pipe, we treated it a new building
  • Underground drain pipe separated from the elbow

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