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Floor Drain Backwater Valve

There are many ways in which your home can benefit from floor drain backwater valves. These valves serve a vital step in protecting your home from erratic weather and unexpected flash floods. Floor drain backwater backwater valves are meant to prevent fluids from coming back into your drainage systems in the event of backflow. There is a flap located on the backwater valves which opens freely during the process of outflow, making it applicable for unidirectional flow. The same flap traps closed it backflow takes place. A floor drain backwater valve is meant for use in a horizontal drainage system.

Many Backwater Valves Have a Leak-Free Gasket On The Lip And On The Flapper:

  • Floor drain backwater valves are used in the prevention of backflow from the ends of a sewer line. They are also used to prevent overflow from sewer pumping stations. You can use a backflow valve with a sewer retention pond.
  • Backwater valves stop one hundred percent of back up sewage from reaching the foundation of a home. Sewer relief valves are more prone to spilling sewage into the land surface as well as the foundation. The International Plumbing Code recognizes backwater valves over sewer relief values.
  • Raw sewage can causes diseases if it is not cleared immediately. It can also become airborne within your house. The cleanup process is equally dangerous, though plumbers are inoculated for such things.

With a floor drain backflow value you can protect your water supplies from sewage pollution or contamination. Water is typically maintained at a constant pressure which allows for water to flow from your shower or tap. If the water pressure in a water supply system drops or is reduces—which can occur with a pipe freezes, a water main bursts, or during a rainy season there are floods which result in a high demand on your water system—then contaminated water can flow from the ground into your water system.

Back pressure allows contaminants to enter into your water pipes. Pumps located in your water distribution system can provide a source of back pressure. In this case you are prone to the constant risk of static water pressure entering into your pipes, especially when chemicals are used. You can benefit through the use of a backflow valve. The backflow valves used to prevent such contamination provide a link between the local water storage and the delivery of water.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!