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Shower Head Leak

A leaking shower head may not necessarily be a big problem but it is important that you have a little knowledge on how to fix it when it happens.  Shower head leaks are among the many problems that many home owners complain about to plumbers whereas this is something that they would actually be able to fix themselves. More often than not the leaks occur at that point where the showerhead connects with the pipe. The problem may not necessarily be with the shower head or the pipe, but they way it was fixed by the person who did it.

Even though fixing a shower head may seem like a simple task, it gives challenges to a few people and the result is usually those annoying shower head leaks. This is mainly a problem with the workmanship during connection and one only needs to be a little more vigilant. If you are going to fix a shower head to a half inch gooseneck threaded pipe jutting out of a wall, it is important to make sure that you apply some thread compound or sealing tape on the gooseneck. Failure to remember this simple procedure is one of the major reasons why most shower heads get leaking.  The other reason is of course that the sealing tape could have been applied the wrong way.  The female threads that are found on the fixtures and the male threads that are found on the pipe usually fit tightly as a matter of fact. The problem however is that they do not fit tightly enough to prevent leaks that are caused by high pressure of water or even form air gliding through the connection. The reason the threading compound and Teflon tape are used is to be able to seal the pipe threads completely.

Ideally, you do not really need a plumber to fix a shower head leak in your bathroom. All you need to do is to visit a plumber’s shop and purchase the pipe thread compound. You will thereafter remove the shower head taking care that you don’t disturb the gooseneck pipe. After the pipe is dry apply a sufficient amount of pipe thread compound to the threads and if you decide to use the Teflon tape, peel off a four inch strip and then wrap it around the threads in a clockwise direction. Put back the shower head and the leak will be a thing of the past

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