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There is nothing quite like having a clogged toilet. The frustration you feel when you cannot get it to flush. The fear of it running over and having to clean up the mess, or worse running your carpets in then next room. A clogged toilet is a simple fix most times. All you will need is a simple plunger to correct the problem. The problem may arise that you are simply using the wrong type of plunger to effectively free the blocked toilet.

In this article we will discuss the different types of plungers and other tools that unclog toilets as well as the proper way to use them. You will also get instructions on what to do for more resistant clogs.  A blocked toilet could be the result of just putting to much tissue into the bowl at one time or it could be that something got lodged in there. If you have small children it could be anything, from small toys to socks and towels.

Types of Plungers

All plungers are not the same the red suction cup plunger that we are all familiar with can help unclog a toilet but it is only for light clogs.

  • Heavy Duty – The heavy-duty plunger looks like the red suction cup plunger with the addition of ridges and a protrusion from the bottom that helps to create a seal. The additions of these modifications provide for stronger suctioning power.
  • A Master Plunger– this looks nothing like the red suction cup variety. It actually looks more like a funnel and if flared at the end. This flaring make it fit snugly into most any model toilet and provides leverage as you pump. This model requires less water and makes less of a splash during its use.
  • Taze Plunger– This is the professional model that you will most often see a plumber use. It is a steel rod on a disk that is roughly the identical dimensions of the pipes. The taze plunger uses a higher pressure than an ordinary household plunger does.

The proper use of the plunger can make all the difference when you have a clogged toilet. You should place the plunger firmly over the opening in the toilet and then with a bit of force pump it up to 15 times without removing it from the hole.  Pull up on the plunger to release the pressure and see if the clog has moved. Repeat the process until the clog is gone.

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