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The Basics of Kitchen Plumbing

There are some basic things about kitchen plumbing that every homeowner should familiarize himself or herself with. Plumbing is not the “monster in the basement” if you know a few of the general facts about the plumbing fixtures and pipes in your home.

One of the first things you should find out about a house or even an apartment is where the shut off valve is located. This is the one valve that controls the water supply to all your pipes. There are also shut of valves underneath some kitchen sinks.

Kitchen sink plumbing is not as complicated as it looks. The unit is installed in one piece. And the tubing that handles the water supply is located underneath the sink. Replacing or doing routine maintenance is a natural part of having kitchen sink plumbing.

Some people react so strongly to a few drips and noises that they immediately seek out plumbing services. You can save time and money by doing the small stuff your self. Most kitchen plumbing problems are the result of faulty washers or lime build up inside the faucet.

Faucet can be cleaned or repaired with a few household items. If the lime is not too bad you can remove the mesh from inside the faucet and soak it in a vinegar solution. For more stubborn hard water deposits you may need to purchase a solution manufactured for that purpose.

There may also be a loose connection from the tubing if you are experiencing leaks underneath you may need to tighten these or replace the plumbing tape.  Plumbing services love to get calls for simple fixes like these, remember they will get bill for one hour no matter how simple the task.

Clogs are another major problem for kitchen sink plumbing. Every now and then you should use a degreaser. Confidentially, instead of paying high prices for degreasing solutions you could use a little dawn dish detergent. Make sure you use enough to coat the sides of the pipes. Wait a 30 minutes and run the hot water for about 5-10 minutes. This will eliminate grease build up in the pipes.

There will come a time when all the helpful hints will not do the trick. If this happens to you, call. Dr. Pipe has a website that gives details on most common kitchen plumbing problems and will give you an estimate or appointment right online. Or you can call or email them your plumbing questions.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!