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Basic Types of Showers for Your House

There are many types of showers to choose from when you are building or remodeling a home. The conventional showers have been joined by all kinds of innovations including the latest addition the electric showers. When choosing a shower there is obviously a consideration to be made for budget, space and how it will coordinate with the other items in the bathroom.  A Shower has become a staple of bathrooms all over the world and in Toronto this is no different. Below you will find listed a description of three types of showers that are very popular.

Electric Showers

This type of shower has no need of a separate hot water tank since it has a heating unit built in. this type of shower is connected directly into the primary water supply and this gives it its advantage over conventional showers. This type of shower does not require a lot of maintenance. They are easily installed and can fit in most bathrooms. The one draw back to owning electric showers is that they have a low pressure water flow. This can be even more problematic if the area in which you live already gives low water pressure.

pressure to your water flow. Locally called “power showers” these are a favorite of young homeowners and builders. The installation requirements are exact and the pumped shower may not be suitable to some areas. These “Pumped Showers” require a separate hot and cold water supply from the rest of the house.

You can choose to install any of these but it is advisable to consult with a plumbing contractor and do a feasibility study of you home or the area to make the wisest possible choice. You can call Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing to speak with plumbers who specialize in shower installation. For more details visit online today.

Mixed Showers

You probably only thought that you had two choices for water temperature in a shower system. There is a third choice you can purchase showers with hot and cold running water and a handle that also mixes the water for you. These can be purchased in a manual, pressure balanced, thermostat and even the pumped showers. Most people choose the thermostats so that with the turn of one knob they have a shower of water the perfect temperature. The drawback with this model is simply some models have better thermostats than others and this can be wither a scalding or freezing reality. Research the manufacturer before you settle on one.

Pumped Showers

These are really mixer showers with an added feature that allows you to adjust the amount of water pressure.

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