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Shower Drain Installation

Installing a Kohler standalone shower is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make a bathroom look brand new and fully modernized. This type of shower is found in many multi-bathroom homes and it is popular because it is diverse in terms of size, styles, colors, and how it works with different décor. The Kohler stand-alone is effective in terms of installation costs, and the fair price and nice design make it a good choice for any home.

The Base

The base of the standalone shower actually comes in more than one piece – it comes in sections. The surround and doors are one piece and the floor is another. There are single piece showers but they are not as popular. When installing a single piece shower you will need to be extra careful, and the installation of a shower in sections is more common and easier. The base of the shower is tremendously important because all of the measurements for water supply are based on it.

Wall Framing

The shower base needs two sides to establish a neo-angle and it will need framed walls. The rough opening that is framed needs to be identical in terms of its dimensions when compared to the base of the shower you have. The walls have to be plumbed and square. When you have the measurements of the base of the shower, then you can cut a five inch by five inch opening where the drain center is location.

Drain Outlet Installation

The outlet is also delivered to you in several different pieces. Your job is to put it together and install it to ensure the seal is solid and that it will not leak. You can use silicone as a means of sealing the recessed edge on the drain outlet: This make an unsurpassable seal on with-drain body that is male threaded. Beneath the base the female piece of the drain’s body can be tightened to the base: between the two is a gasket. Using slip joint pliers or a pipe wrench allows you to make the section tight and to get rid of excess silicone in between the drain and base.

Shower Drain Installation

As per regulations set forth in the Canadian Plumbing Code, any drainpipe in a shower must measure 1.5 inches, but two inches is the going average. When the drain is installed, there will need to be in place a .25-inch slope. The slope you create can span eight feet in length before having to find itself connected to a vent. A 2-inch p-trap needs to be in the floor, unglued, right under the opening, and the trap must align with the shower base. Pipe hangers need to be used to secure the drain sufficiently and to prevent issues with sagging pipes.

Support and Leveling

When installing the base of the shower it has to be level.  Beneath the base you need firm and sold support as well. You can create a bedding material of mixed mortar in order to create greater support. Put the mortar mix on the shower base and move it to and from until you know the base is supported and it is level (this is aproning). Make sure the outer edge is connected to the floor. You can secure the shower stall at the studs with roofing nails.

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Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!