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Protect your irrigation system from winter damageEven though most of us do not want to think about it yet, winter does come after even the best summers. This means freezing temperatures, which means that you need to protect your irrigation system from winter damage

What type of damage could be done?

Remember that when it freezes, water expands. It is one of the few materials that do so. If you leave water in your irrigation system, the pipes have to be able to expand to accommodate the expansion of the water. The problem is that most pipes are going to break instead of expand. Most fittings, valves, and pipes are made from Poly, PVC, and copper. Freezing water can destroy each of these different substances.

If you want to minimize the risk of freeze damage, winterizing your irrigation system is necessary. The three methods of protection of irrigation systems from winterizing include blowout, auto drain, and manual drain.

Manual drain method

If you have manual valves located at the end and low points of the irrigation piping, you can use the manual drain method. This means that you would shut off the irrigation water supply and open the manual drain valves. Especially for first-time users, it may be a challenge to get all the water drain all the remaining water that is between the backflow device and the irrigation water shut off valve

Automatic drain method

If you have automatic drain valves at the end and low points of the irrigation, this method may be preferable. These automatic drain valves will automatically open and drain the water, if there is less than 10-PSI pressure on the piping. Some areas may even have a combination of auto drain system on the lateral lines and manual drain system on the mainline

The blowout method

This method uses an air compressor. After shutting off the irrigation water supply, you are mechanically introducing air into the system to push the water out. Remember this is a job best left to the professionals because it may be dangerous for those who have no experience.

When it comes to your irrigation systems’ winterizing remember that having a professional take care of it for you does not mean an expense, it is an investment in keeping your irrigation system working for next year. If you are caught unaware of a late night freeze, remember that you can protect a number of different components in your irrigation system by turning off the water shutoff for the system.

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