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Checking for Pipe Burst in Winter

Pipe bursting is a very common problem during winters in the city of Toronto. It occurs due to the sharp fall in temperature. In such harsh and cold weather, water in pipes freezes which sometimes make them rupture. This in turn causes damage to various home appliances as well. Necessary steps should be taken beforehand to ensure that such a situation does not arise.

To avert bursting, one obvious way is to prevent water in the pipes from freezing. Here are a few reasons why freezing occurs:

  • Improperly insulated pipes.
  • Gaps at the joints like in garden hose exposes pipe water to icy winds.
  • In case of pipes inside the building, lack of proper warmth freezes the water in them.
  • A loose bib connection is another major reason for water freezing. Ensure that all connections, including hose connection, is tightly done. Also, it is important to shut off all valves that are not in use.

Next, we must understand why the pipes burst:

  • The water in pipes freezes when it comes in contact with extremely low temperature.
  • This causes the pipes to expand.
  • Due to continuous weather changes, the water keeps freezing and melting.
  • This develops pressure on the pipes.
  • Due to the repeated pressure, the pipe ultimately bursts.

A point worth noticing here is that usually the pipe does not burst from the point where it gets blocked.

Here are a few tips that might be useful for preventing frozen pipes:

  • Insulation is the key. Make sure that all your water tanks and pipes are properly insulated. Foam is the commonly available material for insulation. Wrap it around the tanks, frequently used pipes, and hoses. This prevents icy winds from freezing the water inside.
  • In case temperature in your area keeps fluctuating, you can use a frost protection thermostat. It turns on automatically in case the temperature goes below a preset value. These can be really helpful for appliances located outside your home. A garden hose is the first thing that comes in contact with the icy winds. Such thermostats can be really helpful there.
  • Make sure you know where the stopcock for your house is. In case of an emergency, it should be easy to locate.
  • When you go on a holiday, ask your neighbors to keep a check on your pipes. A delay of even a day can cause havoc to the whole plumbing system of your house. Ask your neighbors to ensure that all the faucets located on the outside, like the garden hose, are shut.
  • A faulty washer can cause faucets like the garden hose to leak. Make sure you maintain them regularly.

These are just a few precautions that are necessary to avoid pipe bursting. Consult a licensed contractor or plumber to know more about it. Ensure that each year before winter, you get the pipes checked by an expert plumber. Taking such precautions can help you avoid stress that comes with the hectic plumbing process after the worst has happened.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!