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A burst pipe is a horrible experience to have in your home, but sadly wear and tear eventually take hold of your plumbing, and without a constant vigilance, the rare occurrence is inevitable.  The people at Dr. Pipe Drain & Plumbing want what is best for your plumbing, so to make sure that you don’t have to call the professionals, take some time to try to prevent the problem instead of spending your hard earned money trying to fix something you could have prevented.

Seeing the signs of a burst pipe is going to drastically reduce the damage to your home and plumbing system.  Pipes don’t burst without warning like you might see in a movie or cartoon.  Burst pipes gradually degrade over a long period of time, and the signs will start small, but grow dramatically as the pipe is ready to gush out.  Pay attention to the little things like the sound of running water in your walls, or the warping of paint.  These little things, along with mold build-up are going to be the telltale signs of a pipe bursting problem.

Of course, a professional plumber would be able to see the signs before the inevitable, but sometimes tragedy strikes.  Let’s look at a couple of ways that you can fix a burst pipe on your own.

Learning how to do it yourself is going to save you a lot of money in the long run.

First thing to do is to turn off all of the water entering your home.  This will stop the damage from increasing, and the need to reupholster or recarpet your home or basement to decrease exponentially.  Apply a plumbing leak clamps, available at all plumbing and hardware stores, to the pipe.  If you don’t have a store nearby that sells that sort of thing, you can always use a firm piece of rubber and hold it there using any sort of clamp to hold it in place.

This is not an answer to the problem.  A professional  is going to need to be called to assess how bad the problem really is, as well as what you should do, but it is most definitely going to offer you peace of mind and wallet temporarily.  Worrying about paying for all of the lost water (as well as struggling with the sanity of fixing and cleaning every place that was already ruined) is going to be enough on your shoulders, isn’t it?

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