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Low Water Pressure

There are possibilities that the problem of low water pressure is experienced during those times when you open two different plumbing fixtures concurrently. This could happen outside where garden hoses usually are or even in the bathroom or kitchen sink, shower or even the toilet. Your overall water pressure could be sufficient when you are running only one plumbing fixture but it drops to very low levels immediately you open a second fixture. There are many causes of low water pressure and only a diligent check will give you the correct answer.

It is important to begin by checking the fixture you are using first of all before going to check the entire plumbing system when you experience low water pressure. If for example you are bogged down by a low water pressure shower, it would be important for you to begin with the shower head you are using just in case there are any obstructions that may need to be cleared. There are shower heads that have water conservation filters installed and this may need to be verified before you get too worried about the water pressure. There are manufacturers of plumbing fixtures who install water pressure regulators and they are generally found just below the front hose connection of your home. If the water pressure regulator goes bad then it will cause the problem and will need to be replaced. Also remember that the elevation of the pipe may also play a role in the amount of water pressure you are experiencing. Ensuring that the storage tank is placed higher than the homes it is supposed to serve is one other way of dealing with low water pressure problems. Apparently, valves can be completely or partially turned off accidentally and you therefore need to check your valves, especially the customer and home valve that they have not been turned off without your knowledge.

Many other reasons why you may experience low water pressure include leaks, whether they are big or small because they will surely affect your water pressure. Most of the time you may also realize that the low water pressure moments will coincide with peak water consumption periods, which is when the majority of the people in your neighborhood consume their water.  You should also not underestimate the ability of mineral deposits, especially in areas where the water is generally hard. Should you get concerned about your low water pressure problems, look for a professional who will surely sort you out.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!