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toilet installation in Toronto

Replacing your old toilet with a new one does not look like a complicated job. The job seems even more manageable when there is a branch where you can connect the new toilet. Or is it? No matter how easy the process of toilet removal and installation DIY may seem, chances that a lot could go wrong are high. Installing a new toilet in another room, for instance, requires a complicated process of connecting the house’s main soil pipe. For this reason and more, you want the help of a licensed plumber.

What Issues Might You Face During a Do-It-Yourself Toilet Installation?

  1. Limited access to the tools required for the process
  2. Failure to take accurate measurements of the waterline
  3. Allowing your flange to extend too high during installation of the toilet flange. 
  4. Over-tightening the bolts and nuts
  5. Experience leakage after the toilet installation

What Does It Take for a Plumber to Install a New Toilet?

Below is a detailed installation toilet guide on how professional plumbers install a new toilet.

  • Disconnecting the Waterline

To ensure safety, plumbers shut off the water supply to the toilet before they begin working. The shut-off valve will usually be located directly behind the toilet or underneath it.

  • Removing the Water

They will flush the toilet because the plumber needs to let all the water out from the toilet tank. Next, the plumber will ask for a sponge and container. They use them to make sure not to leave a drop of water in the tank. Doing that prevents spills which may look unprofessional.

  • Uninstalling the Toilet Bowl and Removing the Wax

The next step involves the plumber undoing the bolts from the toilet’s base below the tank. He undoes the bolts in the bottom of the water tank to remove them from the toilet base. In most toilets, you can find decorative caps over the bolts that keep the toilet stable. The plumber will take the caps off and unscrew the old wax and bolts. He disposes of the old toilet and then prepares the room for a new toilet installation.

  • Installing New Wax and Bolts

The plumber installs a new flange bolt and a wax ring before putting the new toilet down. Then, the toilet is pressed over the flange and onto the wax ring.

  •  Inspects Toilet Security

The plumber must make sure that the new toilet has a solid seal and that the bolts go through the base holes and then tighten them firmly. That acts as a good seal between the toilet and the bathroom floor. Tightening ensures that the toilet is leak-proof.

  • Test for Leaks

The plumber will reconnect the water to ensure that the toilet will not allow leakage. The next step is turning it on to allow in water. Once the water fills the tank, the plumber will flush the toilet while checking for leaks.

Toilet Installation Services by Dr.Pipe in Toronto and the GTA

Our skilled staff at Dr.Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services can install and maintain toilets in your house in Toronto and the GTA.

Many firms provide qualified plumbers, but we set the bar higher by treating your house and time with respect. This means that we’ll work hard to make your overall experience seamless from the moment you phone us to when we leave your home after you’ve confirmed that the new toilet works perfectly. We plan appointments around your schedule and phone to let you know when we are on the way. While working, our plumbers maintain our areas clean and covered. In addition, we employ the most effective solutions to work fast and competently on our tasks.

Our clients love working with us simply because our service is of the highest caliber compared to the alternative. Visit our testimonials page to prove high customer satisfaction and contact us today.

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