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To a lot of people installing a toilet is a task that seems best left to professionals but toilet installation is really a easy fix if you follow the step by step instructions. It is only hard to install a toilet if you try to take shortcuts and leave out steps. Every step in any set of instructions has a purpose whether it is apparent or obscure.

It is a fact that toilets are one of the permanent fixtures that was designed knowing it may have to be removed someday. The reason it needs to be replaced is second to getting the proper instructions on the correct way to install a toilet.

If you are contemplating a toilet installation read on for tips on how to remove he old toilet and install the new one.

First The List Of Tools

  • Toilet Flange
  • Screwdriver
  • cup
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Wax ring
  • Container and sponge
  • New toilet
  • Out With the Old

Step 1

Gather al the materials and arrange them so they are in easy reach but will not hinder your work.

Step 2

Turn of the water at the shut off valve that is usually located at the back of the toilet on the water lead.

Step 3

Flush the toilet until all the water has drained out of the big tank on the back.

Step 4

Remove the water tubing from that runs from the wall into the tank. This is why you need the container and sponge, because you will have to bail the rest of the water out to avoid spills.

Step 5

Undo the bolts in the bottom of the water tank to remove it from the toilet base.

Step 6

There are decorative caps usually covering the main bolts that hold down the toilet. You will need to take off these and then unscrew the bolts. If the bolts are stuck due to corrosion you may use a hack saw to cut through them and then remove the pieces.

Step 7

This is the tricky part, as you will need to plant your feet firmly while straddling the base and rocking from side to side to loosen the wax seal. After you have disposed of the old toilet you can prep the area for reinstallation.

In With the New

Step 1

You must clear away all of the old wax and other debris, being very careful not to let anything go down the hole in the floor.

Step 2

Put down the new flange bolts and the wax ring.  Install the new toilet directly over the flange pressing it into the wax ring. Make certain the bolts make it up through the flange holes in the base of the new toilet. The wax ring is what keeps the water from leaking out so make sure you use enough pressure to ensure a good seal.


Tighten the bolts firmly but not enough o make it crack now you can put the tank on in the same manner with which it was removed.

Step 4

Reconnect the water and turn it on. Once the tank is filled flush and check all around the unit for leaks.

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