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How To Deal With Clogged Toilets And Sinks In Toronto

Clogged toilets and sinks in Toronto can be extremely frustrating to deal with. Especially once both your toilet and sink stops working, you realize how often you need your household plumbing in one way or another. Before you can deal with a clogged toilet and sink, you have to establish that you have a drain clog in the first place. There are several different ways that you can verify that this is the issue.

Multiple clogged fixtures

When more than one plumbing fixture has a problem up at the same time, it is an obvious sign of a sewer drain clog. You will really notice this as far as clogged toilets are concerned. You can check in the following ways:

  • Toilets – Remember that the most direct path to the sewer and the biggest drain line in the house are located in the toilet. You will certainly notice an issue if you have a problem with the sewer drain. Oftentimes we find that the toilets will not work correctly with a main line sewer stoppage.
  • Tub and shower – The drains in the tub and shower are typically affected by a main line stoppage as well. This is because they are far lower than a sink drain for example. If you suspect a sewer drain clog, check to see if the tub and shower drains are blocked.

The plunger and chemical solutions

Some people will try to do their own Toronto toilet plumbing if they suffer from clogged toilets. However, it is important to remember that a plunger and chemical cleaners (two of the most used methods) are only successful in minor to moderate clogs. If you have a serious clog, the chemical cleaner is only going to sit in the toilet or sink, meaning that it will not reach the clog itself.

At the same time, a plunger is only going to help you if there is some movement possible or the blockage is relatively close to the surface. If it is not, chances are that you are not going to adjust the clog or be able to use enough force to clear it.

Call in the professionals

It might be time to call in the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services if you find that you cannot clear the clog yourself. Remember that snaking toilets or sinks will remove any blockage, and professional assistance means that the clog is going to be removed in its entirety – rather than just creating enough space to where the water can barely flow through.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!