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Plumber Backwater valve installation in Toronto GTAThe city of Toronto often has sewer backflow problems. Especially during the summer months with the very heavy rainfall, it can lead to countless issues in the sewer drains of homes and businesses. Fortunately, a backwater valve installation is able to help alleviate this problem.

You can use a Toronto backwater valve as the most effective way to prevent sewer water backflow. Because this is a one-way valve, it ensures that water cannot travel back into your home. Even though modern homes need to have backwater valves installed, most of the older homes still have sewer backflow issues. This means that they are constantly at risk of basement flooding. When compared to the inconvenience of basement flooding, loss of personal property, and other costs, protecting your home with a backwater valve sounds like a good idea and great investment.

What is a backwater valve

The mainline backwater valve is considered revolutionary as far as sewer backup protection is concerned. It was originally developed by a Edmonton plumbing contractor. Traditionally plumbing professionals needed to install check valves on each of the homes sewer branch lines. This means that the laundry drains, bathroom drain, and kitchen drain all had their own backflow protection.

The largest problem with these with a different check valve for each line was the fact that the valves were all over the home. They were hard to access, out of sight, hidden under floors and behind walls. It was frustrating to main these valves, but it was relatively easy to use a drain snake and damage the check valves that way. It would also be difficult to determine whether the check valve took damage or not, the only thing that would make it evident was a flooding issue.

Help from a backwater valve

This is where the backwater valve installation makes a difference. It almost eliminates needing to have multiple check valves that are spread throughout the house and it installs right onto the property’s main sewer drain. The real difference is that while in the standard position, a backwater valve will remain open.

This is extremely important because the venting of gases is important to the life of the sewer line. The backwater valve’s normally open position allows for unrestricted flow of sewer gases going in and wastewater going out. If you do have a sewer backflow issue, the restriction of backflow means that you can prevent flooding problems by using a backwater valve.

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