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Flooding Prevention

Basement Flooding

Flooding of basements is a severe problem in Toronto and it can get very difficult during the stormy weather of the summer months. Basement flooding causes structural water damage and can even result in personal property loss. If you like storing your items of sentiments and heirlooms in your basement imagine how traumatic it would be to see these items irreparably damaged due to flooding.

Install Backwater Valves

One of the keys to avoid basement flooding, is making sure that you install a backwater valve. This method of backflow prevention stops sewer water from backing up in the drain. This water might flow in from different types of sewers. It may even include sanitary waste, which you certainly do not want to see in your basement.

Due do daily temperature swings in Toronto we have an increased risk of spring flooding.

The backwater valve is a simple device which blocks water from entering your property. The best place to install it is in the basement. When the water level increases, the flap in the valve is automatically lifted. One must not take a shower or do other plumbing things when this happens. This is because the valve stops the flow of water from both the sides. Ignoring this will lead to flooding in the property.

The City of Toronto is now offering a maximum rebate of $3,200 to people who take steps to prevent flooding. This has led to an increased demand for installing backwater valves.

To be eligible for the backwater valve subsidy, you have to hire a plumber recognized by the Municipal Licensing and Standards. You can contact the authorities at 416-392-6700 to verify if your plumber has a license. Majorly, the subsidy is 80 percent of the total billed cost. The billing should include material charges, labor cost, taxes, and permits.

Backwater valve installation also requires certain prior permits to be obtained. The bill prepared for the work done needs to be paid by you. After it has been marked as “paid in full”, you can start filling up the necessary Subsidy Program form. The completed form with the original documents needs to be posted to the address given in the form. Officials from the Corporation will then conduct an on-site inspection to verify your claims. Other information and various forms can be downloaded from the City of Toronto’s website

Make sure you hire a professional licensed plumber for proper installation of backwater valves. It is not only necessary for the subsidy, but for your safety as well.

Part of our service is to help our clients fill out the rebate forms.

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