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One thing that many Toronto homeowners ask about is sump pumps. Knowledge of roles these gadgets play in a home and how important they are would assist you in concluding if a purchase of a sump pump is a good decision or not.

The importance of sump pump

Mode of Operation of a Sump Pump

Clearly, a sump pump mimics a water pumping equipment, and apparently, it is less powerful. The sump pit serves as a perimeter within which the flood water accumulates in the property. The sump pump automatically channels the flood water elsewhere through a storm drain.

Weather conditions such rainstorms or during winter could affect properties whose basements are beneath the ground level. Basement flooding occurs when water from around the environment gets into sections of the house below the surface. This is where the sump pump comes in since it can mechanically remove the water from the basement.

Sump pumps come in different forms, but only a couple of such gadgets are relatively common. These sump pumps carry put the same function which is to remove flood water from a sump pit. However, they vary in how they achieve this.

Most people are aware of the pedestal sump pump which like the name goes, is situated above the action ground. This makes it easily accessible from its position.

Another popular sump pump, the submersible type functions in a way in opposite to that of the pedestal. Though not visible, It is usually placed in the sump pit protected by a waterproof cover to prevent the pump making contact with water which could damage it. With technological enhancements, variants of sump pumps have been shown to eliminate accumulated rubbish within the sump pit.

How Important is a Sump Pump?

The main function of a sump pump has always been to prevent damage to your home by keeping flood water away from your home. Houses with a basement far beneath the surface will find sump pumps very useful. A soggy, repulsive, and rancid surrounding is the aftermath of water stagnation. In the long run, your home is affected by this accumulation of floodwater. The presence of stagnant water affects you and other occupants of your home both psychologically and physically.

Another problem with the accumulation of water in your basement is the invitation of undesired elements. For instance, stagnant water is known to breed parasites and bacteria at a more alarming rate compared to free-flowing water. Plasmodium responsible for malaria is known to be transmitted by mosquitoes which find stagnant water conducive for their reproductive process.

When such stagnant water remains for a long duration, it becomes even more dangerous. You have a critical situation on your hands as parasitic worms, and similar pests come along.

Is Buying a Sump Pump Important?

Frankly, the importance of a sump pump varies with different homes. You can consult a plumber to find out if your property needs a sump pump. They would have to take into consideration the sewer patterns and the average depth of the occasional floodwater around your home. If you are not sure if a Toronto sump pump is right for you, we recommend that you call the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services.

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