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weeping tile

A weeping tile drainage system is only efficient if it’s well maintained and cleaned regularly. Some plumbers offer regular weeping tile maintenance services and will make sure the system works well. A poorly maintained system will eventually become clogged and cause floods and water damage. That’s why you need to get it assessed and cleaned at least once a year.

What’s Included in the Maintenance

You can hire plumbers to handle the overall maintenance of the weeping tile drainage system. If you have time and knowledge, you can handle the regular maintenance yourself. You just need to make sure your regular plumbing system works well and doesn’t add pressure to the weeping tiles.

  • You can reduce pressure on the system by ensuring that excess water is directed away from your foundation walls. Remove all leaves and debris from your roof gutters and make sure your downspouts direct water away from the house.
  • If your basement is flooding despite the weeping tile drainage, you need to check the sump pump. Make sure it’s operating properly and has appropriate battery back-up.
  • Check all the sinks and toilets and make sure the water drains quickly. If the water is slow to drain, you need to call in a licensed plumber to assess the system for clogs.
  • You need to walk around the perimeters of your foundation walls and over the lawns to see if you have spongy soil or pools of water. This is a sign that the weeping tile drains are overburdened or clogged.

How to Determine if the System Has a Clog?

  • Check if your basement and crawlspace walls have any vertical, horizontal, or diagonal cracks.
  • Walk around the perimeter of the foundation wall and check for damp, soggy areas or pools of water. You should also check the interior walls for water damage and small flooding.
  • Keep an eye out for signs of mold or mildew. If your basement smells musty and feels damp, it’s likely that you have mold somewhere.
  • Pour some water near your exterior foundation wall of your property and keep an eye on your sump pump pit. If the sump pit fills with water easily, your weeping tile drainage system is working properly. If the sump pit doesn’t receive water and the ground turns soggy, your weeping tile pipes are clogged.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!