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Tree Roots in drain pipe in Toronto

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!

Roots intrusion is one of the major problems that plague Toronto homes. In order to grow, tree roots need sufficient amount of water and nutrients. Unfortunately, instead of finding these in the soil a lot of times tree roots will intrude household drain lines and pick up water with nutrients from there. Identifying intrusion by tree roots early can help you to avoid costly repairs after.

You should understand that tree roots by themselves are not the main problem, but rather your drain pipes are. If you have cracks in your pipes, roots will easily grow inside the pipes and eventually will cause a major drainage problem. Even if your pipes have no cracks in them, roots will still grow towards your drain pipes. It happens due to the fact that with age the pipe’s joints between clay sections stop being water tight and water starts to leak from the pipe to the ground and creates moisture around the drain pipe that tree roots seek so much.

Old drain lines are made of materials that can be penetrated by tree roots even without cracks in the pipe. For example, drain pipes made out of clay are easily damaged which gives an opening for the roots to intrude. Even if there is a small opening between joints roots will get inside and with a time develop into major drainage problem by forming root “balls or pony tail”.

Modern drain lines are made from materials that prevent tree roots growing along the pipe to penetrate it. These days drain lines are made from either PVC or ABS which are both pliable plastics. If these lines are installed properly there is almost no chance for roots to penetrate your pipes. Warning: if the pipes are installed improperly roots will penetrate the pipe, which is why always hire City of Toronto licensed master plumber.

Homeowners, who don’t perform regular checks usually don’t know about their tree root problem while their drain is backing up. If you do find that you tree roots are blocking your drainage – do not panic. Furthermore, avoid the temptation to just cut somehow the roots. It will have the opposite effect – roots will grow even further and faster next time.

We at Dr.Pipe Drain and Plumbing deal with tree blockages all the time when you call here is what we are going to do:

  • We are going to snake your pipes with a root cutter in order to drain out any water stuck in your drain lines
  • We will use video camera inspection CCTV to inspect your pipes and see what the actual problem is.  Sometimes we might find that there are other problems that cause the blockage
  • We will show you the problem on the camera and recommend solution to fix the problem. It could be either spot repair – when the problem is not too big and was diagnosed early or if there are several breaks – a full line repair would be more economical in a long run. We will call City Roots investigation department and if tree belongs to city side you are eligible for roots rebate up to $2000 (some condition applies).

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!