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What is Bio-Cleaning


Because many of the drain cleaners that we see in the plumbing industry are ecologically harmful and dangerous chemicals, it makes sense that people look for biological drain cleaners to help with their plumbing issues. Even though these bio drain cleaners have some benefits, there are a few drawbacks that you have to be aware of as well.

How do biological drain cleaners work?

Even though the exact formula is secret for each of the different bio drain cleaners, it is a composite of additives, enzymes, and bacteria – each of these comes from natural sources. The cleaners are typically in a powder that remains in a protective container, until you add the right amount of water and pour it into the waste matter. Then the bacteria come to life and start to work. If there is enough gunk for them to eat, they will start to multiply and speed up the cleaning process.

These bacteria can eat their way through the filth of grease traps, RV holding tanks, cesspools, septic tanks, and drain lines. They do this without hurting any inorganic material, including containers and pipes. The truth is that oftentimes, these provide a solid clean that does not have to harm anything in their way.

The drawbacks

Even though these cleaners work well, you have to remember that they are not necessarily perfect. The first thing that you have to consider is that they can take a long time to clean your pipes completely. Even though they work relatively well, it could take upwards of two weeks for an entire pipe to be cleaned – this makes these cleaners suitable for preventative measures rather than emergency plumbing situations.

A second issue is that during the initial treatment stage, these cleaners may actually make the blockage worse! This means that the flow of water can be completely blocked. This is not necessarily a great situation if you already have a serious plumbing issue.

Another danger of bio-cleaners is the fact that it does not work against inorganic compounds. This means that if you have a blockage that is not because of toilet paper or other organic materials (e.g., something dropped down the pipe), the bio cleaner will not do anything. Another danger of bio-cleaners is the fact that it does not really work against hair, meaning that this can build up in due time.

Call in the professionals

Even though these cleaners certainly are not without merit, it is important that if you have a real plumbing emergency, you rely on the professionals rather than an organic material. If you notice that you have a serious blockage, call the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services.

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