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Plumbing System Vent

There are many average persons who do not realize the dynamic and workings of the drainage and plumbing systems in their homes. For them all that matters is that water went down the sink and disappeared – period. It is however important to have some knowledge on the plumbing vent and how it works. With knowledge on plumbing venting anyone should be able to handle any small challenges that come by but most important be able to keep safe and in good health. Venting plumbing is all about good sanitation which is generally about the safe disposal of domestic waste.

The importance of the plumbing vent cannot be overstated because any malfunction in the entire system could lead to the spread of bacteria into the household. The reason a venting trap needs to be fixed is that it prevents the formation of water seals in the trap. This is what generally prevents vermin and noxious fumes from coming back into the living space through the drainage pipes. Simple scientific knowledge dictates that when water is flowing in a pipe it displaces and forces air out of the pipe. This will have the tendency to create a vacuum. The danger of having a vacuum in plumbing is a well known fact.  The resultant effect is that such a vacuum will remove water from traps.  It therefore becomes important that any plumber must create room for plumbing venting so that the system allows air to continually enter the drainage system at all times. The incoming air discourages the formation of a vacuum with the results being proper sanitation in your home. Plumbing vent pipes are therefore designed to transport air into the plumbing and drainage system.  They have the ability to compress air while increasing its quantity thus enhancing its velocity.

As a home owner, it is therefore important to be on the lookout to ensure that your venting plumbing is always in order. It is a common construction practice for all the drainage pipes in the house to be joined together so that waste water leaves your house through a single pipe. You can therefore have the plumbing venting systems designed so that they serve the same purpose in reverse.  When a properly designed plumbing vent is in place, then you will have no fear of noxious fumes coming back into the house or even having overflows causes by vacuums in the drainage system.

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