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Bathroom Plumbing in Toronto

When it comes to remodelling the home, many people tend to forget that the bathroom is one of the best places to modernize your home. There are many different options available when it comes to improving your bathroom. There are many different features in bathroom plumbing that would not only increase the overall value of your home, but also make your bathroom much more functional and enjoyable.

On-demand Hot Water Service

One of the latest options in relates to bathroom plumbing in Toronto includes an on-demand hot water device. This means that instead of waiting for the hot water to run from the water heater to the bathroom, you have instant hot water available for bathing, showering, or even just washing your hands. This is not only convenient, but also a great way to save on water.

New And Improved Showerheads

The traditional showerhead has come a long way. You can now get showerheads that can do anything from making you feel as though you are standing underneath a cascading waterfall or enjoying a gentle summer rain. It is also possible to find showerheads that provide you with an invigorating massage. This may be the perfect way to wake up in the morning or to unwind before bed.

Jacuzzi Tubs

Speaking of relaxing after a stressful day or resting your sore muscles, Jacuzzi tubs are another great way of improving your bathroom. Alternatively, you could opt for a large garden tub that would be large enough for couples to enjoy together and is perfect for a nice soak 

A Bidet

Despite the fact that these are more common in Europe than in Canada, they may still provide a great way to keep fresh between showers after using the toilet. These have become increasingly popular in North America in the last decade.

Dual Sink Vanities

The last suggestion to consider would be to install dual sink vanities when upgrading your bathroom plumbing. Especially in bathrooms that you share with family members or the master bedroom, these would certainly come in handy. The added functionality means that no one has to wait to take turns anymore before brushing their teeth or washing their face.

There are a number of different options for all components in the bathroom – ranging from toilets to faucets. Especially if you have not renovated in a while, these upgrades could save you water in the long-term because many of these newer amenities use much less water. Remember that you can get professional plumbing suggestions for bathroom plumbing to help you make the right decision for improving your bathroom.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!