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Vessel sinks have become all the rage with people these days.  They are the sinks that you see that seem like giant bowls or basins on a counter instead of being inset into the counter itself.  They come in a variety of colors and shapes, and are surprisingly easy to install.  Take some time to make the decision about which vessel sink you want, and then let’s get to work.

Recognize that a vessel sink is going to replace the standard inset sink that you have, and in turn that means you are going to need an entire new countertop.  If you aren’t ready for this sort of project, then you should call a professional like Dr. Pipe.  Otherwise, continue with your vessel sink installation.

Of course, as with any other plumbing installation, turn off the water to the area that you are going to be working with.  Then carefully measure where the pipes are going to need to be directed to to assure that your drain system reaches the bottom of your new vessel sink.  The measurements of the fittings that lead from your sink into the piping below is also going to be important, as are making sure all of the seals are new and tight.

You are going to want to coat the contact patches of your vessel sink in an exceptionally strong adhesive like a silicone gel.  These patches are the place that the vessel sink itself is going to be touching your counter directly.  In the case of a square basin, then you are going to want to apply adhesive to the entire bottom portion of your vessel sink installation.  Be careful with this, as any excess gel is going to leave smudges on your new counter-top.

Carefully lay down your new vessel sink, making sure to match any fittings beneath the sink with the bowls drain in the bottom.  This is, of course, the most important part of a vessel sink installation, as it is going to be where the sink will remain until it is time for something new.  Once the sink is in place and the adhesive has set, then you are ready to make sure all of the fittings below the countertop are connected to the drain itself.

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