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Plumbing in condo before renovationRenovations of condos in Toronto are more common. The increase is happening for a couple or reasons. The construction of condos in the city actually began in the 70s and really picked up pace a decade later in the 80s. Many units today are getting older fast, with some as many as four decades old or more. Basically, the older condos are in dire need of some upgrades to modernize their offerings and to ensure that they are up to par and code. Older condos are coveted because they are often big and spacious, so renovations are the option that will help keep these condos available.

Plumbing in condo before renovation TorontoMake no mistake about it when you are renovating a condo it is not like renovating a house and there are some obstacles one will have to deal with: Keep in mind that renovations will require strategic planning. Below are some of the important things to think about:

Corporate Regulations

Condo corporations design regulations regarding how condos can be renovated. These regulations can be quite strict and define the number of hours of renovation to be completed, the kinds of materials one can use during the renovation, and before anything can be renovated, these things will have to go through an approval process involving the board of directors and management. The time and day renovations can happen are often predefined and are typically during normal eight or 9 to 5 working hours Monday through Friday only. There are some places that allow work to be on a Saturday though.

The materials you can use to fix or renovate the condominium are decided by the corporation. Some regulations have to do with the flooring surface, and this is because of the noise that can pass through one floor to another condo. Further, for visual reasons, window coverings may also have regulations associated with them. Before acting on a desire to renovate, check out the corporate rules that serve as guidelines of what is allowed. When hiring a contractor make sure that they are also informed about the rules.Washroom renovation after

Getting Access

In high-rise condos you will need access to get into the location to have renovations performed and for contractors to get materials into the location: That access is often a public elevator. The access to this elevator will have to be arranged in advance.  The size of the materials may be limited due to elevator access and size, hallway size, and the distance the materials must be moved to get to a location under renovation. Material trucks and workers looking for parking nearby may also face another challenge.

Electrical and Plumbing Relocation

after Washroom renovation TorontoCan you move plumbing and elecrical in a condo? Surely, yes! Moving plumbing and electrical components is hard when you are dealing with a condo, but it can be done. Strategic planning will help get the job done a lot easier. Get familiar with renovation rules, and you will find that condominium renovations can be quite exciting if the remodel is well planned for and discussed with the appropriate professionals such as those at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services.

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