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Clogged Drain Prevention in the Home

Averting a flawed drain is as simple as being cautious what goes into the drain. When it comes to the list of common ‘culprits’ of a blocked drain; oil-related substances, hair, sediments of beverages top such a list. Ensuring none of these ‘culprits’ gets into your drain is vital to prevent a clogged drain situation. Below are some tips to assist you to do just that:

  • Pour any residual oils and fat into a disposable can. Afterward, discard the can in your refuse bin. Sediments of beverages should be disposed of in the refuse bin as well. Even better, you can make them a component of your compost.
  • To trap hairs and bits of soap and thereby avert the possibility of a plumbing issue, place a strain over your drains and kitchen sink. Dimensions are important when getting a strainer, so note those of the drains and sink in your home. Afterward, visit any store with quality plumbing supplies and make your plumbing related desires known to them. Strainers are positioned over the mouth of the drain, sink or channel.
  • After using your sink, pour some hot water into it. This helps prevent the coagulation of the oils in food debris within the pipes which can result in a blocked drain.

Who wouldn’t want a scented drain well? To have a drain with a more pleasant odor is rather simple. Just pour some baking soda into the drain. Afterward, you pour some hot water into the drain. This is possible since baking soda is an effective detergent and absorbent.

Using Vinegar

Another cost-effective approach towards ensuring your drains are clog-free requires the use of vinegar. Quite simply you pour some vinegar into your drain. Allow the vinegar act for about half an hour. Afterward, you pour in some water to wash it down. Vinegar does a tremendous job as a cleaning liquid. It owes this attribute to one of its components – Acetic acid. This acid is renowned for its efficacy as a solvent of natural origin. It dissolves compounds which would otherwise accumulate thereby clogging the channel.

Call The Professionals

If you have a drain problem in your home, it might not be possible to avoid having to clear these clogged drains any further. In that event, it is recommended that you call the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing. They have the necessary skills and expertise to help you alleviate any and all clogged drain issues.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!