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Best Plumbing Tools Recommended By Dr.Pipe Plumber in Toronto

Having a wonderful house is really everyone’s dream, but what happens after this dream is fulfilled? How can a homeowner ensure that he or she is prepared for the best or worst especially in the world of plumbing? Given the great importance that water tubes and pipes play in plumbing. This article will guide homeowners about the various tools that plumbers use to fix plumping problems. The idea is not to give the plumber your tools to fix the leak or problem you are going to pay him or her to fix, but to have these tools in the case an emergency that you can fix.

There are some tools that will require professional experience to use. However, there are those that just about anyone can use to clear plumbing clogs, fastening nuts, cutting pipes, holding nuts and bolts that are quite tiny to hold. Some of the most common tools that Dr.Pipe Plumber in Toronto recommends to homeowners are:


Wrenches are tools that are used to hold certain areas while one unscrews or fastens another part, fastening nuts that are loose and many other tasks that normal human force or hands cannot do. Some common wrenches that you will see in any plumber’s tool box are:

  • Pipe Wrenches: These types of wrenches are used in pairs instead of individually. The aim of the double combination is to have enough force present to tighten up a certain pipe. They usually come with serrated jaws to ensure that they have a firm grip.
  • Spud Wrenches: Sinks and toilets are the ones that benefits the most from the use of these wrenches. When there are nuts that are large that cannot be easily fastened then using them is an advantage. They usually come with smooth jaws and are a lot wider than most wrenches.
  • Basin Wrenches- Nuts and bolts that are difficult to reach with the hands can be held with this wrench.

To Fix Faucets

It is quite common to have a leaking faucet and for this very reason homeowners can prepare themselves in advance with a few basic tools instead of calling a Toronto plumber to fix their leaks.

  • Gaskets and O-rings – They are responsible for preventing water from leaving the faucet once it is turned off. When these go bad they cause the faucet to leak or drip persistently.  Having a few in a tool box that are identical to the ones that are installed in the faucets in your house is a very cost effective way of saving on plumbing bills.
  • Faucet seat refinisher – This is used to screw the faucet in place.
  • Faucet handle puller – This does basically what the name suggests.
  • Faucet seat extractor – This also does what the name suggests.
  • Screwdriver – It is wise to have both flat points and star points in different shapes and sizes.

To Clean Drains

No one wants to call a plumber to come all the way across town to plunge their toilet! Therefore having a toilet plunger is one of the first equipment that any homeowners should have in his or her house. Other tools that are useful as well when it comes to cleaning drains are:

  • Snake– There are times that a plunger will not be enough to clear any blockage that is in a pipe. The function of the snake is to clear these obstacles that the plunger or hot water cannot remove.
  • Closet Auger– This tool helps when dealing with a clogged toilet.
  • Sink plunger– This plunger is smaller than the toilet plumber, but has the same function.
  • Basin wrench / telescopic.

Why Dr. Pipe?

We treat your home the way we expect workers to treat our homes.  That means coordinating with you from the moment you call for a quote all the way through the final work we perform.  Our team will cover and clean everything in their work area so you don’t have the added stress of a mess to tidy up and we’ll finish as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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