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Planning and organization are essential for a successful plumbing project. Never assume that because you do not know the fist things about plumbing that you should allow any Toronto plumber to have a free rein over your plumbing costs and house. Once you understand what the problem is then it will be necessary to have a step by step outline of all that has to be done to arrive at a solution that is long-lasting. We have outlined some important  things to bear in mind that will  help you plan a hassle free project with  any Toronto plumber that you know.


Communication is the key at the beginning and end of any plumbing project. A plumber can only understand what your needs are if you are able to describe the problem that you are having in full detail. Plumbing is not a guess work job that  is based on trial and error; it requires careful analysis of current problem and a plausible solution that will not cause ripple effects throughout the installation system. Ensure that both you and any Toronto plumber you hire are on the same page when it comes to understanding the project in question.

Written Estimates and Costs

You may be required to provide some up-front money to buy parts and pieces that will be necessary to fix the problem you are having. Ask the Plumber that you have hired to provide you with a list of everything that will be needed and then check this against the actual problem that you are having If you see that you are being charged for a copper piping when in fact there is no need for it, then ask him or her to justify the use of such a material in your current project.


Always remember that time means money in the world of plumbing. The longer a Toronto plumber takes to finish your job once he has started, the more money you will be paying to get it finished. The duration of the project should be agreed from the first day of hire and if possible you should also get this in writing and signed by yourself and the plumber you hired. Many plumbers will happily charge a hourly rate, because they know that this is where they will get more money. Once the bill arrives you will notice that you have been billed for traveling costs and time they had to spend shopping for the items that were needed. The amount of time that all of these will take should be clearly outlined by the plumber and accepted if you agree with it.


It will not be possible to be with a Toronto Plumber 24/7 once he or she  begins your job;however, do make an effort to check-in now and again to see what they have done so far and how the project is progressing. Plumbers that are aware that they are being ‘watched’ will not try to cover up errors and will not try to do a shoddy job;they know that it will be detected quickly and do not want to run the risk of being discovered. This is even more helpful if they are being unreasonable with the proposal they have made about a possible solution. Imagine a plumber’s surprise when you ask to be shown the the damaged tubes that never existed!

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