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Fire Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems have been used in the home and in commercial buildings for a little more than a century. However, mandatory Toronto sprinkler system installation is relatively new. As you can probably imagine, during the initial, limited flare-up stage, fires are much easier to put out. This is one of the reasons that a sprinkler system can ensure your own safety and the safety of the people you love.

According to statistics from the National Fire Protection Association, the presence of sprinklers reduces the average property loss per fire by one-half to two-thirds, and the chances of dying in a fire are reduced by one-half to three-fourths when compared to fires without a sprinkler system.

The Fire Sprinkler System is an active fire protection measure, consisting of a water supply system, providing adequate pressure and water flow rate to a water distribution piping system, onto which fire sprinklers are connected. Although historically fire sprinkler systems are used in large commercial buildings, these days such systems are available for homes and smaller buildings at a cost-effective price.

Different Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems

There are different types of Fire Sprinkler Systems. Due to our extensive experience in commercial building we are able to provide a turn-key solution for all of your fire protection needs in the Greater Toronto Area. We are able to work with:

  • Wet-Pipe Sprinkler Systems
  • Dry-Pipe Sprinkler systems
  • Jokey Pumps
  • Diesel Pumps
  • Electric Pumps
  • Backflow Systems.

Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Wet And Dry Systems

Any home or household can benefit from having a sprinkler system installed. It is not only important to adhere to the code compliance requirements in your area, but it is also important to offer you and your loved ones a sense of security when you are in the home. You may have a number of different questions when looking at the right sprinkler system for your home. You may have heard about the difference between dry- and wet sprinkler systems. What are the differences between these and where would you use them? What is right for you?

1. The wet systems

Sprinkler Systems

With wet-pipe sprinkler systems, you have water under pressure in the overhead sprinkler. The water will immediately discharge from the sprinkler head if one of the connected sprinklers activates. These are the simplest types of fire sprinkler system, and also the most common one. They require very little maintenance, less installation, and they are very reliable.

If you have lower temperatures though (below freezing), you cannot use this type of installation. In addition, if there is a malfunction or a leak, it can lead to severe property damage. For most homes, wet-pipe sprinkler systems are going to be a great option as long as there are not strange demands or specific building codes that you have to adhere to.

2. The dry system

These dry-pipe sprinkler systems only use pressurized nitrogen or air. The pressurized air will hold back the supply of water, and if the sprinkler activates, the air pressure drops. This causes the water to enter into the piping system and then discharge from the sprinklers.

These are typically used in environments with freezing temperatures. Because they are more complex, dry-pipe sprinkler systems are typically much more expensive and require more maintenance. There can also be a 60-second delay before the sprinkler kicks on, because the water needs to travel from the valve to the sprinklers. There may be specific codes or ordinances that determine what you are able to use in your home.

Jokey Pumps

You may have heard the terms pressure-maintenance pump and jockey pump before. What are jockey pumps exactly? This is a small apparatus that works alongside a fire pump to offer a complete fire-protection sprinkler system. It can help keep the pressure elevated to a specific level when you are not using the system. This means that the system does not go off randomly, but the fire pump does not have to run all the time. It can also prevent water from rushing into the pipes in case of fire.

How does it work?

If you want to understand how jockey pumps work, you have to understand how the fire sprinkler system works. One of the jockey pumps distinguishing features is that it keeps the water pressure at a consistent level. This prevents the sprinklers from just going off whenever they want. Because there is a natural leakage in the pipes, the water pressure would automatically go down. However, the jockey pump realizes this, and makes sure that the water pressure is back to normal.

Secondly, the jockey pump makes sure that there is no damage to the sprinkler systems if there is water from the fire pump. If there is no pressurized system, there can be relatively low pressure in the sprinkler system. If you begin shooting highly pressurized water through these pipes, it can destroy the system entirely.


1. Don’t they damage the home?

People often assume that a sprinkler systems installation will damage the entire home, even if there is just smoke damage. The truth is that a proper installation localizes the water damage, because only the nearest fire sprinkler(s) are triggered when a fire is detected. The only replacements that you might need include some furniture and/or carpeting. When you compare the costs of replacing your entire home and all your belongings, needing to replace a single room does not seem like too much of a hassle.

2. Aren’t fire sprinklers too expensive?

Some people assume that having a fire sprinkler system in your Toronto home means that you have a great deal of expenses. The truth is that this has not only become more affordable in recent years, but the presence of a professionally installed sprinkler system can even lower your homeowners’ insurance premiums.

3. Aren’t they ugly?

The people who say that a sprinkler system cannot be attractive looking have obviously never looked at the recent options for sprinkler head assemblies. There are even some recessed versions that make your sprinkler look like another decoration in your home. Aesthetically speaking, there is no reason not to get a sprinkler system installed anymore.

4.What’s about replacing fire sprinkler heads?

A sprinkler system can go unnoticed for years until there happens to be a fire and the homeowner discovers in the middle of seeing his house being burnt flat to the ground that the sprinkler system does not work. While installing the system may require professional help, checking to see that it is actually working in advance does not require the help of plumbers. The first and foremost thing that should be checked is the smoke detector, because it is responsible for sending the necessary signal to the sprinkler system. If you find that water is not reaching the sprinkler then you may need the help of a plumber to identify the area that is giving problem in the sprinkler system. This problem can either be caused by a broken pipe, lack of pressure, a pumping unit with defect or blockage in the pipe system.

Fire Sprinkler Installation Service from Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing

You probably realize that it is important that you have these sprinkler systems professionally installed. If you rely on amateurish installation, you may run into trouble later on when you need these systems to work their best. Having the professionals install these systems for you will give you the peace of mind and safety that you need.

Don’t take a chance–let us, an experienced plumbing company in the Greater Toronto Area, make sure that you and you property are properly protected.

Here is our Fire Protection work at even the most complex projects:

  • Main fire sprinkler lines in the parking garage
  • Fire Sprinkler header with alarm valves
  • Main supply line to fire, water and sprinkler systems
  • Another type of sprinkler header with alarm valves
  • Fire Sprinklers on the the suspended decorative stainless steel ceiling.

As you can see, having a sprinkler system can offer a great number of benefits for your overall safety, without any real drawbacks. Keep in mind that in order for your Toronto sprinkler system to be effective, it has to be installed correctly. Just another reason it is important to let professionals complete your sprinkler systems installation.

The benefits that you get are clear:

  • Low water requirement
  • Fast response
  • Limits damage
  • Peace of mind while on vacation
  • Increased resale value of your home.

We specialize in both commercial and residential Fire Sprinkler Systems Installations in the Greater Toronto Area. We provide a full array of services from layout to inspection and installation. The code for Fire Sprinklers is provided by the National Fire Protection Association. Our technicians are certified and have Fire Protection Technician Licenses.

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