Trenchless Drain Repair

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Trenchless Drain Repair

If you have drain or sewer problems in Toronto, we can frequently save your existing lines and help you without excavation. This is called trenchless drain repair technology–it allows us to save your garden, driveway or patio from unnecessary digging. This is how we repair or even replace your sewer drain line underground.

Digging a trench across your yard can be very destructive and expensive to restore. Trenchless solutions can save your existing line, which can’t be done with conventional dig and replace methods. There are different trenchless options available and we will find the one that is suitable for your particular case.

These are photos from one of the permalining we did in one of Toronto homes. Permalining is a method which lines the inside of your pipes with an epoxy resin which hardens to form a solid pipe.

Step1. Camera Inspection to locate damaged section of the drain pipe

Step2. Snaking drain pipe to cut tree roots

Step3. The blader insertion into the felt tube

Step4. Epoxy preparation

Step5. Saturation filled tube with epoxy

Step6. Preparation line to insert the old drain pipe

Step 7. Insertion liner to the old drain pipe

Step 8. Inflating the tube with air

Step 9. Connecting relined side to the new drain system

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