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How to Evaluate Your Water Pipes

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The Right Evaluation Medium is Water and Not Air

The safest way to evaluate water pipes for leaks is with water. This method happens to be the most accurate one too. The other method makes use of air instead. The disadvantages of evaluating pipes with air are many.

  1. Air is a volatile fluid whose pressure can be affected by temperature. If the environmental temperature during the test rises there will be danger of the air bursting the pipes if the pressure builds up high enough.
  2. It is difficult to detect pipe leaks using air as the medium. If you evaluate water pipes with air the process could take a much longer time to accomplish.
  3. Air will also explode if the system does not have enough vents to maintain a constant air pressure.
  4. Removing test plugs from the pipes may cause injury if the pressure is high enough.
  5. Evaluating water pipes with air will need constant monitoring of air pressure in the pipes.

On the other hand, water is a stable substance whose pressure does not change dramatically with variations in the environment temperature. By using water to evaluate water pipes, the testers do not have to keep constant track of the pressure in the pipes.

Water leaks can more easily be detected than air leaks. This means that the whole process of testing with water can be finished faster than if air were the medium used. There is also no danger of injuring the testers when the plugs are transferred from one portion of the pipe system to the next.

How Water Pipes are Evaluated Using Water

The first thing to do is to identify the strategic places in the system that should be evaluated separately. Then one by one the sections are isolated from the rest before evaluating them. This is done using water plugs. Before the testing specific sections, all the air is first expelled by gradually filling it with water. Water should be brought it carefully and in such a way as to remove air completely from the pipe.

If a leak is identified, the leaking section should be sawn off and couplings used to replace it with new segments.

Plumbers Evaluate Water Pipes in New Houses Before the Walls are Enclosed

In new constructions, the water pipes in an area should be tested first before the walls are sealed up. Otherwise, it will be necessary to tear them down. If you are building a new house, remind the plumbing people of this because if they forget, they may be sealing up defective pipes.

Because of the need to have a perfectly installed water system in any house, it is usually good to get the best plumbing contractors; people who know how and when to evaluate water pipes.

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