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How to Prevent Damage After the Heavy Snowfall in Winters

Cleaning Eavestroughs, Downspouts and Floor Drains

After the heavy snowfall in winters, snow starts melting in spring. This causes a rush of water to flow through the eavestroughs, downspout, and floor drains. To prevent any damage due to the heavy water flow, make sure that you clean eavestroughs in your home along with the downspouts. Apart from that, you should also regularly inspect the floor drain of your home for any leakage.

If you clean the roof drainage regularly, you can save your foundation from damage. To clean the eavestroughs, you can do the following:

  • Leaves and debris might be stuck in the eavestrough. Remove them using a small brush at least twice a year.
  • Inspect and set the pitch of the gutters. Ideally, it should be one-sixth of an inch for every foot. This makes sure that the water flows down properly.
  • Conduct a water test to find out if the water is standing anywhere.
  • Make sure there are no rusted areas in the eavestrough.
  • Use plastic or aluminum eavestroughs rather than galvanized steel ones.

Next, make sure that the downspout is in proper condition.

To Clean Downspout, You Can Follow the Following:

  • Use a leaf strainer to stop the leaves from falling into the downspout. These strainers can be clamped onto the eavestrough itself.
  • Underground tilling is also used for draining out a downspout. Ensure that there is no backup where the downspout meets the ground. It should be properly cemented.
  • Ask a plumber to come over and use a sewer snake to clean the downspout.
  • If the downspout empties into a splash block, make sure it is large enough.
  • The splash block should be inclined away from the foundation.
  • Use plastic or aluminum downspouts rather than galvanized steel ones.

Cleaning Floor Drains

A floor drain is one of the most important parts in the home plumbing system.

Floor drain cleaning is one such major issue which prevents basement flooding.

Any alternatives to not taking care of a drain can be very costly. These can involve wall replacement, floor replacement etc. Such procedures would need extensive digging as well. One can end up spending thousands of dollars on such projects. And even after that, the problem can re-occur. Drain cleaning can be done in two ways:

  • footer drain cleaning
  • floor drain cleaning.

Footer Drain Cleaning

The footer drains are located at the bottom of foundation footers. They are one of the most important parts of the system. They ensure that the water is directed away from the foundation i.e. they take care of drain overflow. Thus it is necessary to keep them free from debris.

The benefit of professional drain cleaning is that it needs to be done only once a year. In many cases, the floor drain back up is completely removed easily. This protects the foundation from moisture damage. The procedure followed needs a high skill level though.

Floor Drain Cleaning

The floor drain is connected to the main sewer line. This is further connected to the city’s sewer system. The basement’s floor drain provides an exit point for any water that might flow in. Of course, if it is clogged with debris, it will be impossible for the water to flow out. This leads to basement flooding. This is why floor drain cleaning has become crucial. It is a cheap yet long lasting solution for basement flooding.

Keeping your drains “open” (or unclogged), can save you from a flood emergency. Make sure you get the floor drains checked before every rainy season. It is always better to get an estimate done by a licensed plumber before you begin with the job. Only an expert can guide you on how to save money and your basement. Ensure that the memories in the form of pictures and trophies that you store in your basement are safe. Just contact the nearest contractor and get your drains cleared.

These are just a few things you can do yourself. However, there is a lot more to be done if you want a long-term solution. Always hire a professional to inspect your plumbing. It will make sure that the eavestroughs and downspouts are cleaned well.

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