We understand no one wants to jump into something without knowing the risks. Whether you’re going to the dentist, buying a new car or hiring a plumber, you want to know up front what you’re going to get and what the cost is going to be. That’s more than fair and that’s exactly why we’re proud to offer our customers upfront, flat rate pricing.

When you need a plumber, you need a plumber now. There’s an emergency and you want it fixed fast and you want it fixed right. Our flat rate pricing model means you won’t have the extra stress of worrying about added fees or hidden costs because you need us on a weekend or in the evening, or in the middle of a flood.

Our upfront, flat rate means when you give us a call, we let you know what we need to do before anything gets done, and all the costs that will be associated with it.  You get to make the decisions with no surprises and we will stand behind our deal the whole way through. No worries about calling during peak hours or off hours, no add-ons, and no unexpected fees.