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Winterize Plumbing

Plumbing needs extra care when the winters arrive. Low temperatures can wreak havoc on the entire plumbing system. At such a time, it becomes necessary to winterize the house plumbing system. Simple steps like insulation and sealing of joints can save you from a lot of stress afterwards. However, there are certain things that you must take care of when you are planning to sign up for plumbing services. Let’s have a look.

  • Whenever you are carrying out major renovations, ensure that you drain out all the water in the pipes.
  • Make sure that the pump is switched off.
  • Keep all the faucets open during the renovation. Otherwise vacuum may create a problem.
  • To be sure that there is no water remaining in the pipes, attach an air compressor and drain the valves.
  • If there are appliances that you would not be using during winters, make sure they are empty. Water storage in them can cause rust and a musty smell.
  • Pour down a cup of antifreeze in every sink and tub. This will ensure there is no freezing of water and that the gases do no travel back through the vents. The antifreeze used can be propylene glycol.
  • Ensure that you pour down a quart of antifreeze into the flush and the toilet bowl as well.
  • Always deal with the inner plumbing system first. After you have taken care of it, you can move to winterize outside plumbing as well.
  • The garden hose is the most sensitive appliance outside. Make sure you seal all the joints to avoid any ice blockage.
  • Insulate all the pipes located on the walls outside. Any faucets that will not be in use for a long time should be wrapped up in an insulating material.
  • Turn off the water supply and pass compressed air through your sprinkler system as well. This will save water from freezing inside.
  • In case you have a fountain, it is best not to use it in the winters. In case you do, make sure you add enough antifreeze in it.

All these are small steps that you can do yourself. However,it is best to check the entire system, and you will require professional help to do that. Only an experienced plumber or licensed contractor can check your entire supply and drainage systems properly. The removal of water using air compressor pumps cannot be done by an amateur. Also the boiler, radiator, and hot water tank cannot be cleaned by you alone. So make sure you contact and book your plumber in advance. It will help you save yourself from bursting pipes and flooding home when winter comes.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!