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Slab Leak Prevention

Slab leaks are frustrating and they should be addressed immediately to ensure that they do not become a serious issue. If these problems go undiscovered for a long period, they may end up costing homeowners a whole bunch of money. Even conscientious property owners who take all the necessary preventative steps in their plumbing system may have issues with slab leaks.

How to detect slab leaks

There are several different slab leaks reasons. However, discovering one might be a bit more challenging. A few of the possible signs of a slab leak include:

  • Warm spots on concrete floors
  • Visible foundation cracks
  • Water meter changes when no taps are open
  • Higher water bills, for no apparent reason
  • Dark spots on your floors, hardwood, or concrete
  • Uneven vegetation growing in areas

Slab leaks traditionally happen in the foundation. Oftentimes these problems are hidden from sight. This means it is more important that you learn how to prevent leaks. Ultimately prevention is better than the cure, meaning that being proactive in slab leak prevention may end up saving you a great deal of money later on. Not only can slab leaks cause water bills to increase drastically, but may even negatively affect the sanitation of a home.

Learn how to prevent slab leaks

If you want to be able to avoid slab leaks in your home, you can take a few proactive steps in order to prevent these from occurring in your plumbing. Follow these steps and you will find that the number of issues is drastically reduced:

  • Regular maintenance – Regular maintenance can help you prevent leaks, and can help minimize the potential damage that slab leaks can do.
  • Check the water pressure – Having a licensed professional check the water pressure in your plumbing system may tell them all they need to know to determine whether a problem exists.
  • Analyze the water bill – Even though it may look similar, a plumber who has years of experience is going to know how to tell that there might be an issue with a slab leak.

More about slab leak prevention

When it comes to guarding your home against property damage from water intrusion and costly plumbing repairs, there is no ‘easy way out’. These tips can help minimize potential damage and help you stay ahead of possible slab leaks.

  • Install a whole house water filtration and conditioner system
  • Install an expansion tank above the water heater
  • Replace pressure reducing valves to maintain proper pressure
  • Regular water pressure checks (PSI 65 to 80)
  • Conduct annual property inspection of all emergency shut off valves and water supply lines

Keep in mind that prevention is always preferable to repairs. If you have a question about slab leak prevention, make sure that you leave it to the professionals.

Give us a call today: 416 663 4777 for a free upfront estimate!