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Fix Leaky Washing Machine

Just like it happens with majority of appliances in the house, calling a technician to repair a leaking washing machine is usually an expensive undertaking. Many qualified technician will charge a clean sum of money to come and look at your leaking washing machine and even if the issue was a simple and minor one, you will have to compensate the technician for spending his time to give you some ‘technical advice’. The good news is that a washing machine leak can easily be repaired by almost anyone who is willing to do just a little learning. Diagnosing and solving your washing machine problems is not really rocket science and you can learn.

All they you are going to need to repair a leaking washing machine in terms of tools and materials will include a flat blade screw driver, gaskets and hoses. The first step in the procedure is identification of the leak; begin by turning off the machine before you get into business. Since it is almost guaranteed that the leak is likely going to do with hoses, it is important to find out if your particular brand has a common leak before you decide looking for an uncommon one.  You may as well want to make sure that the drain is not clogged leading to the puddle of water on your kitchen or laundry room floor.  After emptying the leaking washing machine, you can start filling it again as you inspect carefully to identify what hoses could be having the leak you are looking for.  After you have spotted the places where the leaks are you will then start the process or removing the worn out hoses and where possible, replace them with the better quality no – burst hoses. These hoses may cost much more than then the normal ones but they will do a better job fixing your leaking washing machine.

If after you have checked the entire leaking washing machine all the hoses look like they are just fine, it may be necessary therefore that the problem could be with the internal washers.  You can use the flat blade screwdriver to remove the old worn out washers and thereafter place gaskets in the supply hoses before reconnecting the supply lines once again. In a few instances the problem of leaking washing machines may actually be at the machine’s pump and if this is the problem, you may then check what parts need to be replaced before you decide to replace the entire unit. If in doubt at any point, you may then call a technician to repair your washing machine leak.

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